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Storage place for products. Principal warehouse activities include receipt of product, storage, shipment, and order picking.
The storage (holding) of goods.
Warehouse Management System (WMS)
The systems used in effectively managing warehouse business processes and direct warehouse activities, including receiving, putaway, picking, shipping, and inventory cycle counts. Also includes support of radio frequency communications, allowing real-time data transfer between the system and warehouse personnel. They also maximize space and minimize material handling by automating putaway processes.
Warranty Costs
Includes materials, labor, and problem diagnosis for products returned for repair or refurbishment.
1) In just in time, any activity that does not add value to the good or service in the eyes of the consumer.
2) A by-product of a process or task with unique characteristics requiring special management control. Waste production can usually be planned and controlled. Scrap is typically not planned and may result from the same production run as waste.
Waterway Use Tax
A per-gallon tax assessed barge carriers for waterway
A planning period for picking groups of orders that can be used to coordinate picking with shipping schedules or because downstream sortation has limited order capacity; there are usually multiple waves during each shift.
Wave Picking
A method of selecting and sequencing picking lists to minimize the waiting time of the delivered material. Shipping orders may be picked in waves combined by a common product, common carrier, or destination, and manufacturing orders in waves related to work centers.
Document containing description of goods that are part of common carrier freight shipment. Shows origin, destination, consignee/consignor, and amount charged. Copies travel with goods and are retained by originating/delivering agents. Used by carrier for internal record and control, especially during transit. Not a transportation contract.
Refers to any device inserted between the keyboard and the terminal that translates digital signals into keyboard codes. In a keyboard wedge application, the data resulting from the scanning of a barcode symbol is treated by the PC or terminal as if it originated from the keyboard, while the keyboard itself remains fully functional. Because the terminal or PC cannot differentiate between barcoded data and actual keyboard data, a keyboard wedge interface allows barcode reading capability to be rapidly added to an existing computer without changing the application software.
Weight Break
The shipment volume at which the LTL charges equal the TL charges at the minimum weight.
Weight Confirmation
The practice of confirming or validating receipts or shipments based on the weight.
Weight-Losing Raw Material
A raw material that loses weight in processing.
A charge assessed by a pier or dock owner against the cargo or a steamship company for use of the pier or dock for the handling of incoming or outgoing cargo.
Wide-Area Network (WAN)
A public or private data communications system for linking computers distributed over a large geographic area.
Work in Process (WIP)
Parts and subassemblies in the process of becoming completed finished goods. Work in process generally includes all of the material, labor, and overhead charged against a production order which has not been absorbed back into inventory through receipt of completed products.
World Trade Organization (WTO)
An organization established on January 1, 1995 replacing the previous General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade GATT that forms the cornerstone of the world trading system.

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