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Last Mile Delivery by Courier, Messenger or 3PL Service

Expedited delivery is an everyday need in business.  From after hours to same day delivery needs, a courier or messenger must have the tools and ability to meet the time critical demands of clients.  Today, the courier industry has become more complicated and diverse.  Courier, messenger and other delivery services are now frequently offered by 3PL operations so that goods can be moved from warehouse to client in minutes or within a few short hours.

In handling the varied needs of inventory ranging from documents, human organs, film, flowers, auto parts, pharmaceuticals and other time sensitive goods,  expedited delivery depends upon the efficiency and accuracy of warehouse and transportation operations.  Having technology solutions in place to manage inventory storage as well as shipping and logistics is essential.  Another essential is real time information visibility for both clients as well as for warehouse operators.

Couriers, Specialized Transportation & Logistics Providers

Acting as specialized transportation and logistics providers for expedited delivery, couriers are typically used:


To help guarantee the intergrity of the supply chain


As specialists in dealing with products of specific industries such as hazardous chemicals, pharmaceuticals, medical supplies, etc.


To pick up and deliver documents, packages and parts that need to be transported quickly within a defined local area


In order to provide expedited, “just in time” same day service for less than 24 hour deliveries


Because of their unique ability to provide delivery service that no other type of transportation industry provider can handle


To deal with goods that have time or temperature concerns


Due to various levels of safety that they can provide during transport.


In order to take advantage of time saving services such as packaging on-site and door-to-door transport

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Cold Storage


E-Commerce Fulfillment




Pharma 3PL WMS

As specialists in expedited transportation and logistics, these delivery service providers tend to rely on technology to provide real time information on package location, delivery confirmation and other data.

Using mobile computing devices, especially those with multi-functionality including GPS, electronic signature capture, camera, barcode scanner and reader and more can make delivery professionals more efficient and productive.  This can result in less errors, more deliveries and the realization of more revenue for the transportation & logistics provider.

When used with the latest software, handheld mobile computing devices can help increase customer satisfaction and can help to reduce labor costs.  Providing your customers with the ability to track their packages in real time through the delivery process can help reassure them of the care your team takes with every delivery while reducing the need for customer phone calls to your office to request information on pending deliveries.

Special Datex Services for Couriers

  • Carrier SIM card activation
  • Load SIM cards in proper device
  • Configure device with ATT/carrier APN (user/password set up)
  • Barcode symbology testing and set up
  • Single point of contact for the carrier service, device, configuration and service
  • Field service support by Datex staff
  • Reserve stock program
  • 3 year comprehensive plan added to each device
  • RMA processing for service warranty
  • Receive full service device

Software Install

  • Able to load and deploy courier specific software
  • Established relationship with E-Courier and Datatrac
  • Load and configure Zebra Technologies App Center on each device (for device security)


  • Speedy shipping or hand delivery by Datex staff
  • Shipment with device documentation
  • Service agreement summary with start and end date for carrier service

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