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Why Datex WMS?

With our extensive experience with warehouse, distribution, 3PL, manufacturing and other supply chain operations, the Datex WMS has been developed to save time, labor and operational costs.
  • Handles any kind of goods
  • Excels at specialized handling & storage
  • Ideal for regulated goods
  • User friendly, easy to learn
  • Configurable to your needs
  • Less costly & time consuming to customize
  • Free upgrades with support & maintenance agreements
  • Ideal for complex operations


Developed to be highly reliable and flexible, Datex warehouse management solutions utilize an innovative database architecture and design to minimize data loss, simplify report writing and help increase the speed of searches and system performance.
  • Configurable workflow-driven processes
  • Workflow minimizes errors and manual workarounds
  • Software easy to learn, use and master
  • FREE software upgrades without any additional cost
  • Feature-rich WMS software and innovative functionality
  • “Drag and drop” reporting

Looking for industry-specific WMS information?


Cold Storage


E-Commerce Fulfillment




Pharma 3PL WMS


Developed specifically to meet the needs of third party logistics providers, Datex FootPrint® 3PL WMS easily handles complex operations and any kind of inventory.  Our 3PL WMS helps enable your business to meet the needs of a wide range of customers and be more competitive.

  • Customizable, flexible billing engine
  • Captures & bills for value added services
  • Create customer specific invoices, labels, reports, etc.

Workflow-Driven WMS Powers Flexible, Efficient Warehouse Operations

Workflow is a set of activities that is joined together to form a process that incorporates rules and business logic. Workflow depicts operational processes from start to finish, facilitating greater transparency and changes. Workflow-driven systems are more flexible and less expensive to adapt than WMS that rely on static hard coding. Datex can train your IT resources to adapt workflows to enable you to make changes to your operations.


Datex experts, never third party vendors bring their real world supply chain experience to support your implementation.


On site, online and web training options. Datex experts will customize a training program to meet the needs of your organization.

VIP Support & FREE Upgrades

All support provided by Datex employees, never third parties. Free upgrades-without having to read the fine print or disclaimers


Rely on Datex for integrations to technology, material handling, shipping carriers and other solutions to extend your business beyond the four walls of the warehouse.  Let Datex experts provide integration services to save your company time, money and frustration.
  • E-commerce
  • Shipping carriers
  • ERP
  • TMS
  • MRP
  • Finance & accounting
  • CRM & other back-office systems
  • Material handling solutions

And much more


Datex has developed a strategy to make EDI implementation easier, faster, and more cost efficient. With Datex EDI you get:

  • Single source EDI vendor streamlines communications
  • Faster EDI project delivery
  • Reduction in project complexity
  • Speedy EDI problem resolution
  • Reduced IT resource burden
  • US based support
  • Free software updates


Microsoft-Based WMS with Familiar User Interface

People fear change.  The Datex warehouse management system WMS builds on a familiar user interface that looks and feels like software most people use regularly.  Purposely designed with familiarity in mind, our software users tend to become comfortable using our software quickly, improving software adoption rates.

“Datex WMS software is easy to learn.  With the high turnover rate in this industry and our reliance on seasonal workers, it is especially important to us that we can train workers quickly to use our warehouse management system."

-Third Party Logistics Operations Director, CA

Why Datex? 

Get the Flexibility Your Business and Clients Need

Configurable WMS Reduces Costs, Errors and Wasted Time

Warehouse management software designed with the utmost flexibility and adaptability in mind.  By developing a WMS that can be readily changed, our software can meet any need or requirement, ideal for growing supply chain businesses and multi-client operations including 3PL, CMO and CPO. 

Workflow-driven software


Reporting and dashboards 







Business rules 



Highly Experienced in Delivering and Ensuring Client Success

Executive-level attention and oversight

Dedicated Strategic Account Manager

Personalized account attention

End-to-end technology solution provider

Dedicated PMI-certified Project Manager

Continuous software delivery process

Dedicated customer success team

White glove service

Decades of Supply Chain Industry Experience

Handles any kind of inventory including bulk, regulated and hazardous goods



Food processing

Regulated goods

D2C fulfillment

Food grade distribution

Cold and ambient storage

Pharma/life science

Direct-to retailer



Most Flexible Workflow-Based WMS on the Market


What is Workflow?

  • A flexible, configurable series of activities which is stored as a model and built to depict an operational process
  • Each task is an activity
  • A group of activities is joined together to depict a complete workflow
  • Workflow are run by the workflow runtime engine and rely on conditional rules you create and business logic you approve.
  • Workflows are used to “customize” business processes and other elements for your 3PL customers

The Datex Workflow Advantage


Uses leading-edge Microsoft tools


Enables configurable processes


Can integrate requirements into process


Helps reduce burden on IT resources


Enables faster, more cost-effective changes


Improves scalability of businesses


Speeds up onboarding of new customers


Ideal for 3PLs: tailors to meet each customers’ needs


Client IT team can be trained to adapt workflows


Workflows can be duplicated and reused


Workflows carry through to future upgrades


Web Service API Integration

Single-facing API for all FootPrint products and integrations saves you time and money

REST-based API

Power Bi connection capabilites

Webhook capabilities

Connect your D2C, B2B, and dropshipping channels within a central inventory management and order solution

Shopping carts 

e-Commerce platforms 


Shipping Carriers 


Order management system

Transportation management systems

ERP Systems

Timekeeping and labor management solutions 

Slotting solutions 

Order picking system including: 

• Voice-enabled solutions (i.e. pick-to-light, put-to-light) 

• Smart carts 

• Goods-to-person systems 

• Put walls 

• Mobile robots 


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