The Next Generation of Supply Chain Management

Accessibility. Flexibility. Reliability.

One Call Does It All

Reduce time & implementation cost by selecting Datex for hardware, supply chain management solutions & professional services

True Workflow

Adjust software to fit your needs at a fraction of the cost of other supply chain management solutions


Fast, Agile, Reliable

Innovative database architecture and design increases search speed & system performance, minimizes data loss and maximizes uptime


Client Retention

Years in Business

“They have taken it upon themselves to really understand our process and how unique it is and put in the extra effort to get their hands dirty… and truly understand what we do, why we do things, and how we do things.”


Cody Sulzer

Colony Brands

Industry Solutions


Our WMS handles recurring and anniversary billing, captures and bills for accessorial charges.

Warehousing & Distribution

The Datex WMS handles dock door scheduling, kitting & assembly; single, batch, cluster & wave picking and provides excellent track and trace.

Cold Storage

Datex FootPrint WMS handles temperature capture, track & trace, multiple simultaneous holds and provides online visibility.

Core Features

Workflow-Based WMS

Adjust operational processes to meet your company and client needs at a fraction of the cost of other warehouse management solutions

Flexible Deployment Options

Choose from Cloud, SaaS or On Premise options to ensure that our warehouse management solutions will meet your timeline and budget

Drag & Drop Reporting

Create, automate and subscribe to customized reports to give you real time insight into your business

Maximum Uptime

Developed with innovative “database multi-threading” to help minimize data loss, speed up searches & system reporting

Easy to Use

Designed to be user-friendly and adaptable for each system user’s view


Designed in tiers & blocks for quick deployment and ease to innovate in the future



Optimized packaging decisions based on dimensions, weight, position, fragility and more

Labor Management System

Boost labor efficiency and workforce productivity

Shipping Solutions

Faster and easier to process shipments, critical for high volume fulfillment operations.

Procurement Management System

Functionality developed for complex asset management.

Datex Partners

WMS Partners

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Battle of the Zebra Scanners: LI3608 vs. MT200

Battle of the Zebra Scanners: LI3608 vs. MT200

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5 Tips for Better Warehouse Profitability

5 Tips for Better Warehouse Profitability

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Using Technology to Solve Last Mile Delivery Challenges

As supply chain trends come and go, this is a revolution. According to industry experts, Amazon reportedly has had an overwhelming effect on the buying habits of consumers. The supply chain and logistics industry has been turned upside down by ecommerce omnichannel...

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