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Discover how Footprint revolutionizes 3PL warehouse management for visionary companies with complex demands and ambitious growth plans.
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How Many of These Common Warehousing Challenges Are You Experiencing?

Revenue leakage/ insufficient billing capabilities

Increase revenue capture:

The Datex WMS includes a flexible billing engine and comprehensive visibility that helps maximize revenue and eliminate underbilling concerns.

Inability to meet customer expectations

Customer complexity:

With its advanced database design, the Datex WMS enables precise control over complex logistics operations that are unique to cold storage and pharmaceuticals, ensuring efficiency and accuracy.

3PL customer onboarding takes too long

Quick onboard and training:

Boost associate productivity and throughput at every step, while minimizing errors and wasted time with a user interface that limits access and activity to only the task at-hand .

Lack of flexibility and scalability

More configurability:

Datex Footprint WMS provides a role-driven user interface that is perfectly tailored to every customer requirement, and can be quickly updated every time a single requirement changes.

Insufficient support for integrations and new technologies

Seamless third-party integration:

With low-code customization options, Datex Footprint WMS ensures that your business operations stay connected and flexible to meet intensifying challenges and time pressures of a rapidly evolving market.

Lack of visibility and tracking

Real-time problem solving:

Leveraging predictive analytics and unified visibility, Datex Footprint WMS enables proactive problem-solving and top-notch customer service.

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About Datex

Datex has been in business since 1978 and has decades of experience helping warehouse operators solve the most complex challenging problems.

Why is our business growing organically? Because we care and invest our time and effort into advising and assisting each client. Helping businesses to thrive and grow

For over 45 years, we have operated on a simple truth: People buy from people. Our clients appreciate and value the high level of experience, expertise, and knowledge we bring to each client technology partnership.

We focus on helping businesses solve their biggest problems and remove the obstacles to their success, especially midmarket companies.

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Success Stories From Our Clients

Datex Values and Cultivates Its Partnerships with Its 3PL Clients

“We chose Datex Footprint WMS because of its flexibility, and it had the functionality that we needed.  We felt we would get better communications, better partnership with Datex than with a bigger WMS vendor.  For me personally, what I value most is being able to talk to the same group of people. We’ve been speaking with the same group of people for the last ten years and that speaks volumes. They know and understand our business.”

Shamila Mustafa
Vice President-Information Technology, Universal Warehouse

Using Datex WMS Ensures 3PLs Can Satisfy Customers’ Needs

“Being able to track inventory as it comes in and tracking inventory as it leaves our warehouse and being able to report that back to the customer in real time is very valuable. Again, that real time component is something that every customer, when we say those words, their ears perk up.

We need that visibility, being able to report to the client exactly what’s been going on such as the movements that have been happening in the warehouse where their inventory is going, inside the warehouse or inside and out. Reporting is very valuable to us.  We track lot numbers and products that are going into a component or into a material and then where it’s going from there. Having that level of detail and visibility is very valuable to our clients as well as the necessary flexibility and customization ability.”

Irina Salamakha
Senior Product Owner, Crane Worldwide Logistics

“Datex has given us a platform to increase our clientele and in turn, this increases our revenue. And that’s what it’s all about.

It has been an incredible experience. You know the Datex staff are there…very family oriented. The level of support that we have received from the staff has been second to none. I could not imagine a better experience.”

David Tonelli
Warehouse and Storage Account Manage, Rosedale Group

“Datex software is very user friendly. It makes it easy to train new employees and that’s important when you have a workforce that is multi-language with a high turnover rate.”

Sue Johnson
Warehouse Manager, Merchants Cold Storage

To Datex, every client is important and receives the attention they need and desire. From health checks, business reviews, and check-in calls to training and functionality tailored for each client, be assured that our team is ready to support, advise, train, and assist you through the stages of your growth.

All 3PLs really have to think seriously about their clients and their client specific needs. You can’t just have a ‘one size fits all’ solution that works very well in that environment.

We needed to know that we had software that would be good now but would also be good 3 years from now, 5 years from now, 10 years from now, 15 years from now. We had to know that our WMS partner takes a forward-thinking approach and is putting time, resources, and money into innovating, into making changes and continuing to evolve in software development. We found out that Datex is such a partner, a good partner and they made good on their commitment to do this.

President and CEO

3PL Fulfillment Company in Michigan

Learn How We Create Positive Impact for Your Business


Accelerates Onboarding and Time to Revenue

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  • System advanced capabilities enable faster onboarding of both customers and associates, accelerate your revenue generation

Captures Every Billable Activity

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  • Flexible billing engine guarantees accurate billing for even the most unique circumstances
  • Eliminates underbilling concerns, ensuring your money will not get lost in the complexity of your operations

Transforms the User Experience

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  • New simplified role-driven user interface tailored to customer requirements
  • User interface easily updates whenever a single requirement changes
  • Enables users to focus more intently, boosting productivity and throughput and minimizing errors and wasted time

Provides Total Visibility and Proactively Solve Problems

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  • Gain a single source of truth with unified visibility across entire transaction lifecycle, capturing every aspect of your operations
  • Critical real time information is front and center
  • Leverages predictive analytics to give you the power to preemptively solve problems and deliver top notch customer service

Integrates Seamlessly with Third Party Solutions

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  • Empower your team with low code options for custom integrations
  • Access our extensive library of pre-built and native integrations
  • Stay seamlessly connected to the digital world so you can open up new markets and alternative fulfillment capabilities

EDI & Integrations

In working with other vendors, our team has developed a strategy to EDI implementation easier, faster, more cost efficient and much less frustrating.

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Truly workflow-based, our WMS automates processes for increased accuracy, efficiency and labor savings & can be used for the handling & storage of any type of goods.

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Industry Experts

Pharmaceutical & cold storage industry experts including WMS for CMO & CPO, the foremost third part billing engine on the market today, helps ensure regulatory compliance, serialization with aggregation, validation services, IARW compliant reports & more. 

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Customer Portal

The new Datex Customer Portal is the gateway to real time information, control and resources for the customers of third party logistics.

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Reporting & Analytics

The Datex warehouse management system (WMS) equips your business with the flexibility needed to make immediate changes so that you always have access to critical information on demand.

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Our team has specialized expertise in selecting, configuring and troubleshooting mobile computing and other hardware solutions to work with Datex software.

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Integrations with Datex WMS

Explore 20+ integrations that makes your day-to-day workflow more efficient and familiar. Our extensive development tools might also strike your fancy.


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