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Activity-Based Billing

The Datex 3PL WMS can help you increase your profitability by enabling you to capture and bill for all the value-added services your operation provides.

Here is one way that Datex Footprint® 3PL WMS increases billing accuracy:

  • Scan & capture accessorial charges via RF handheld devices in real time
  • RF device transmits charges to the 3PL WMS
  • Invoices are posted automatically to the customer’s general ledger
  • The 3PL WMS automatically bills based on the respective contract
  • Customers can have multiple custom billing for each inventory

Capture & Bill for All the Value-Added Services You Provide

Handles billing strategies such as:
    • Recurring storage
    • Initial split month storage
    • Anniversary billing
    • Inbound/outbound handling charges
    • Activity based billing captured via RF handheld
    • Bills for flat amount based on a range, including a sliding scale rate

Inbound Handling

Can be billed based on multiple factors which may vary based on current operations or customer inventory being handled:

  • License Plate
    • Net Weight
    • Gross Weight
    • Quantity
  • Unit by packaging type
  • Volume using required unit of measure
  • Weight
    • Net Weight
    • Gross Weight

Accessorial Charges Strategy

Using RF-enabled devices with our WMS ensures that billing will be updated in real time as the events are recorded via the desktop or mobile devices in the warehouse. One time accessorial charges can be manually added from the desktop or mobile devices as work is completed or can be added as extra charges if special circumstances dictate.

Inbound Storage Strategy

Storage charges can be billed based on the same criteria as handled inbound (LP, Unit, Volume, or Weight), but can be billed using specified billing periods.

  • Can bill based on carrier service type
  • Can do full month & split month billing

Outbound Handling Strategy

Users set up rates for inventory being shipped from warehouse

  • Billed by license plate
  • Billed by weight (gross or net)
  • Can enter separate contract line for each material group
  • Comprehensive billing calculations for transactional & periodic events can be captured
  • Can bill based on carrier service type

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Pharma 3PL WMS

Recurring Storage Strategy

Recurring billing can be handled on the  following basis:

  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Set Schedule
  • Receiving Anniversary Schedule
Used to charge for storage of customer inventory within the warehouse and can be based on multiple types of billing objects including:

  • License Plate
  • License Plate Lot
  • License Plate Material
  • License Plate Vendor Lot

Accessorial Charge Billing

  • Variable billing rates due to work type: separate contract lines for each accessorial type
  • Accessorial charge types can be added at any time



Capture and bill for all the value-added services you provide by using mobile devices


Real time notifications, surveys, and assigned work activities keep labor on track



Android, iOS, Windows Mobile, and Tablet compatible


Portrait or landscape orientation capable



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