3PL Billing

Make the Complex 3PL Billing Process Easy

Datex FootPrint WMS makes 3pl billing simple with an easy to use Wizard. Once a contract is created, a user can set up the account for a 3PL client in minutes simply by selecting the correct parameters and responding to basic questions about contract terms. The Billing Wizard then uses this information to create the billing schedule and executes the 3PL billing strategy automatically. 3PL WMS clients can be billed for recurring storage, initial split month storage, anniversary cycle and more. Third Party Logistics clients love the dependable, accurate billing and providers love the time and labor savings that Datex FootPrint WMS provides.


Inbound/Outbound Handling Charges

Initial Storage with Split Month Billing

Anniversary Billing

Recurring Storage Billing

Accessorial Billing

3pl Billing Strategy

Activity Based 3PL Billing

Datex FootPrint WMS includes an infinite number of user defined fields to allow system customization and the ability to create a complete array of accessorial charges for which clients can be billed. This allows the third party logistics provider to bill for customer specific charges that may not apply to other clients. As warehouse operations tasks are carried out each day for customers, workers can scan and capture accessorial charges for incremental work such as kitting, assembly, packaging and other billable tasks. By capturing these billing events for each customer in real time, the 3PL WMS billing process becomes much more accurate and effective, allowing the third party logistics provider to save on labor and ensure that all potential revenue is captured. This increases potential profitability. Once the accessorial charges are captured, invoices are automatically posted to the customer’s general ledger (GL). Customers are billed based on contracts that the 3PL provider establishes. Multiple custom billing for each inventory owner can be created automatically.

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