Datex E-Commerce Warehouse Management System Streamlines Order Fulfillment

Flexible WMS Solutions Mean Faster Fulfillment for Retail, D2C & E-Commerce

Are your business operations or clients at risk from an inability to access a stream of accurate, real time data?   Having access to shopping carts, inventory management data at distribution centers and third party warehouses as well as other software and systems needed for proper operation of an ecommerce business puts operations in peril.  Datex WMS software connects ecommerce retailers, fulfillment operations, third party logistics providers and more to the world beyond the warehouse for quick, accurate ecommerce order management and omnichannel fulfillment.


Sophisticated Functionality Enables Best-in Class-Integration with:

Web Stores


EDI Retail Compliance

Online Shopping Carts

Open Web APIs

Shipping Parcel Integration

Integrates with Material Handling Systems Including:

    • Carousels
    • Conveyors
    • Sortation
    • Pick- to-Light
    • Pick-to-Voice
    • Put-to-Light
    • In Line Weigh Scales
    • Zone divert modules
    • Shuttle systems
    • Manifest/document printers
    • Vertical Lift Modules (VLM)
    • Put-to-Wall
    • Pick-from-Wall

Integrates with Other Systems for Seamless Order Processing Including:

Retail Store Fulfillment Features:

    • Enhanced inventory control and inventory management capabilities
    • Process orders & create shipments from retail locations in real time
    • Maintain real time access to inventory across your enterprise in one system


WMS Software Features for E-Commerce Fulfillment

Increase the speed of your ecommerce business.  Streamline your order fulfillment process for faster order, packing and shipping operations using the leading edge technology of Datex FootPrint WMS.  

Want a competitive advantage in marketing your company as a fulfillment partner?  Our workflow-based WMS streamlines and automates the steps of order fulfillment, quality control, shipping process and more to help ensure seamless product delivery for D2C and B2B commerce.  

Whether you have multiple fulfillment centers or ecommerce sales operations, or are a 3PL, Datex WMS Software enables streamlined workflow-driven fulfillment operations for speedier, more accurate fulfillment.

  • Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)

  • Re-Work

Faster, More Accurate E-Commerce Order Fulfillment

Today, ecommerce order management is complex, often requiring an enterprise WMS system with a full suite of tools designed for omnichannel fulfillment capabilities.  The Datex ecommerce warehouse management system provides full visibility and control for robust ecommerce order management and puts real time information and users’ fingertips.

  • Distributed order management
  • Master orders
  • Organize and sequence multiple orders into waves
  • Channel specific order fulfillment workflow channels
  • Kitting and assembly as well as assemble to order
Branded Unique Customer Experience
  • Brand specific packaging, labeling and gift wrap
  • Personalized gift cards
  • Branded package inserts
  • Branded product documentation and instructions
Inventory Management for Omni-Channel and Multi-Channel Fulfillment Operations
  • Automated inventory counting tasks (physical and cycle count) via workflow save time and labor
  • Manage replenishment automatically to prevent stock-outs
  • Simplified returns and exchanges for faster, easier processing
  • Location-based inventory control by zone (pallets, bins, etc.)
  • Monitor and manage inventory turns to improve margins and keep costs under control
  • Accommodates seasonality and other changes more readily
  • Automated label printing
Smart Order Management & Release
  • Customer attributes
  • Material Attributes
  • Material ordering history relationship
  • Carrier selection attributes
  • Order profile attributes
  • Special value-added services
  • Refurbishment
  • Warranty Management
Facilitates Variety of Fulfillment and Delivery Options Including:
  • Order online, pick up in store
  • Order online, pick up at DC or third party warehouse
  • Order online, ship to parcel locker or third party location
  • Ship from store
  • Ship from warehouse or DC
  • Ship from third party warehouse
  • Last mile delivery carriers
  • Last mile logistics platforms
Retail Store Set Up, Logistics and Fixtures
  • Can be used for specialized logistics services of non-merchandise retail components such as POS & marketing materials, store fixtures and more
Range of Picking Strategies Including:
  • Advanced pick and pack functionality
  • High Volume, small order Picking Methodology
  • Piece picking
  • Pick to cart
  • Pick to conveyor
  • Pick to carton
  • Pick to wall
  • Pick pack
  • Batch Picking
  • Zone picking
  • Carousel Picking
Advanced Returns Processing, Reverse Logistics & Disposition Workflow
  • Disposition Inspections and Quality Assurance Management
  • Returns process management for a variety of channels via configurable workflows
  • Customer credit rules
  • Return to Vendor rules
  • Replacement rules
  • Material specific return configuration
Enables Real Time Access to Inventory Information
  • Including inventory in retail locations, warehouses, distribution centers and third party warehouse locations
  • Provides information visibility across the enterprise for ordering and decision making
  • Including delivery information
Built-in Labor Management Tools Help Boost Workforce Productivity
  • Multi-task interleaving
  • Real time tracking of workforce performance
  • Streamlined event and task management notifications
  • Task optimization
  • Inventory slotting
Inbound Receiving and Putaway for WMS Fulfillment Operations:
  • Schedule dock door appointments to improve dock efficiency for each door and facility
  • Manage warehouse & DC inbound operations using mobile devices including: receiving, putaway, replenishment, picking orders and other tasks
  • Flexible workflow-based software handles consumer goods through receiving, including flow through and crossdocking, order processing and fulfillment in complex distribution environments
Datex Software Solution Provides “Drag & Drop” Real Time Customizable Reporting


Need a labor management report for your pick pack ecommerce business  operation or a dashboard for quality control?  Have no fear.  Datex warehouse management system (WMS ) comes with a comprehensive suite of reports.  Create reports and dashboards tailored for your ecommerce operations using simple “drag and drop” action

  • Create reports in the format of your choice to meet every need
  • Share, publish and subscribe to reports for automated delivery
  • Feature-rich reporting interface can incorporate audio, video, charts, graphs, images & more
  • Alert and notification capabilities
  • Real time in-depth performance data
Datex WMS Streamlines Outbound Operations
  • Enables direct-to-store, put-to-store, direct-to-consumer fulfillment & other strategies
  • Streamlines staging and other floor operations
  • Shipping management enables rate shipping, parcel tracking and more

Optional Datex E-commerce Management Systems Modules:

Datex WMS Software provides a full suite of management tools for ecommerce fulfillment including labor management, shipping management and our latest real time online visibility tool, an HTML5 e-portal.


Shipping Management

  • Shop for shipping rates to reduce shipping cost
  • Provide tracking information
  • Shop for shipping carrier

Web Portal

  • Self-serve web portal for product fulfillment visibility including inventory, orders, delivery and more

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