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In business since 1978, Datex has participated in many EDI solutions projects. In working with other vendors, our team has developed a strategy to EDI implementation easier, faster, more cost efficient and much less frustrating. In trusting Datex, your company would be working with one company to meet all EDI needs rather than having to engage with multiple vendors, making your project less complicated and costly to manage.

  • Single source EDI vendor streamlines communications
  • Speeds up EDI project delivery
  • Reduces project complexity by eliminated additional vendors and IT resources
  • Speedy EDI problem resolution
  • Reduced IT resource burden
  • US based support
  • Free software updates included
79 percent 3pls use edi
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In today’s fast paced world, EDI solutions are a business necessity


Why does your business need EDI management?

  • To meet industry expectations
  • To communicate with trading partners in the most efficient way possible
  • To reduce errors and manual data entry
  • To improve order fulfillment rates
  • To improve customer and trading partner satisfaction rates
  • To attract and retain new business
  • To save money, time and labor
  • To reduce order-to-cash cycle
  • To provide real time data for reporting and critical decision making
  • To minimize retailer chargeback fees
  • To enable your business to handle more customers

Find out how Datex can reduce EDI costs and help you streamline communications with your trading partners.

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EDI Resources

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