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What is Supply Chain Visibility Worth to You Today?

We live in a fast-paced, complicated world that is ever changing. Does your 4PL have access to the tools you need to make solid decisions, conduct advance preparation and take action to mitigate supply chain risks and challenges?

Does your 4PL have the technology you need to manage networks of warehouses, shipping carriers and other supply chain partners to help shippers monitor, execute and track inventory, orders and shipments? Take a look at how the Datex Supply Chain Web Portal can help you use real time information visibility to your advantage to better execute efficient operations across a supply chain network.

Using web-based technologies including the Datex Supply Chain Web Portal can help you to:

  • Manage, monitor and track inventory, customer orders and inbound/outbound shipments
  • Manage, monitor and track inventory, customer orders and inbound/outbound shipments
  • Check inventory in warehouses across a network including third party warehouses, distribution centers and fulfillment centers
  • Track and trace goods
  • Receive alerts and notifications such as status changes
  • Access powerful business intelligence tools.  Use real time reporting with drill down detail to manage operations, execute processes and make decisions
  • Collaborate with business partners across the supply chain network
  • Monitor warehouse operations KPIs


Take action using real time data and system alerts for enhanced control and efficiency


Enable increased supply chain management and cooperation



See across the supply chain-get the picture now

Communicate. Clarify. Collaborate.

  • The online portal enables inventory management for one or more customers across multiple warehouses including those of 3PLs and 4PL warehouse partners
  • Access to suite of standardized reports that can be personalized or create customized reports and dashboards
  • Online portal security features restrict unauthorized access of data
  • Datex 4PL Web Portal eliminates the lag time between partner warehouses in supply chain network
  • Real time data access to basic warehouse functions including receiving, order fulfillment, shipping and reporting
  • Sophisticated, configurable third party billing management

Secure View, Segregated Self-Service Customer Portal

Quick onboarding and immediate use

User friendly, little training needed


Easy to administer

Facilitates higher customer satisfaction rates

Provides rapid access to real time information

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Whether you operate a 4PL and need visibility into warehouses from the United Kingdom to Hong Kong and Saudi Arabia or across the United States, having a supply chain web portal and business intelligence capabilities is essential to providing effective supply chain management and risk management for your clients. Using web technologies, 4PLs can now see across the supply chain, view inventory and have access to business partner warehouse operations via secured access to information systems. Essential functions such as inventory tracking can be accomplished via a secure online portal which provides access to authorized users.

Today, it is truly a data-based supply chain, dependent upon technology.

Do you and your supply chain partners have adequate access to the real time data you need, internally and externally? Today, businesses are transitioning to a web-based supply chain. Supply chain business partners leverage state-of-the-art technologies, system integrations and online portals to provide seamless visibility for supply chain networks, supply chain risk management and data-based supply chain management. Is your business able to compete with others that leverage the latest technology to provide exceptional performance and service for their clients? If you are ready to gain a competitive advantage, contact us today.

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