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Footprint® WMS For 3PL Providers

  • Best flexibility and agility on the WMS market today​
  • Rapid onboarding and deployment accelerates revenue​
  • Cost containment=competitive advantage​
  • Complex functionality with simple intuitive interactions​
  • Seamless integration capabilities

It’s a tremendous time to be a 3PL provider. In a stretch of years where many industries have faced slowdowns, 3PL’s have enjoyed steady growth. Online retail is surging, and if you’re a 3PL with the right capabilities and ample capacity, the future is yours.

But with growth comes complexity. Each new customer has their own unique expectations and business requirements.  3PL providers are often asked to shoulder bigger challenges and are held to higher standards.

If a 3PL provider cannot get its arms around operational complexity, it will not be able to respond fast enough and strategically enough to meet customer demands. All that future growth will be unattainable.

The key to success is technology. A strategic investment in the right logistics technology is how the smartest warehouses are run, the toughest operational challenges are solved, the most profitable businesses are built, and the best brand experiences are delivered.

3PL providers who embrace technology innovation will rule the market. They will thrive where logistics requirements are the most complex and where their capabilities delivers the most value.

Hear From Our Client

 “This technology lets us catch up to the ideas we’ve had for our business. Our superusers picked up the new software quickly, aligning perfectly with our people-first company value. It’s not just a tool; it’s an enabler of our team’s daily success.” 

-Hill Hamrick, Co-CEO 

3PL and early adopter of

next gen Datex Footprint WMS

Datex Footprint® WMS 3PL Capabilities

Developed specifically for third party logistics provider operations, Datex software was designed to handle the highly complex nature of multi-client 3PL operations. 3PL requirements were incorporated into the original design of the foundation of Datex Footprint® 3PL WMS. This helps to ensure that your 3PL business will be able to:

  • Segregate inventory by ownership
  • Handle transfer of inventory ownership with comprehensive traceability
  • Provide accurate activity-based billing of value added services
More Details
  • Handle the complex nature of third party logistics operations
  • Handle multiple types of inventory all within the same facility or enterprise
  • Enable 3PL clients to have access to real time, accurate data needed to manage their operation via a web portal.  This helps to reduce customer service expense without sacrificing service levels or customer satisfaction.
  • Use the software for a wide variety of industries, operational conditions including cold storage and refrigerated warehouses. Datex Footprint® 3PL WMS is currently used across the globe.
  • Deploy the software quickly in tiers and blocks
  • Use a system in which database records do not lock up
  • Scale your business- ideal for fast growing, changing organizations
  • Store all file types in inventory records to facilitate timely accurate documentation of inventory, freight, warehouse and distribution needs, etc.

3PL Operations

Developed to handle the complex nature of third party logistics (3PL) operations, Datex Footprint® WMS Third Party Logistics Software can handle multiple clients in multiple facility locations.  Our third party logistics software can be used by 3PLs to handle and store virtually any type of goods including food, serialized goods, apparel and fashion inventory, high value cargo, bulk goods, pharmaceuticals and much more.

  • Value added accessorial charges
  • In/outbound handling
  • Volume/weight billing
  • Owner-specific billing
  • Recurring storage
  • Anniversary billing
  • Work order billing
  • Automatic invoice generation
  • Inventory control
  • Cycle count/physical count
  • Serialization/serial number tracking
  • Lot management
  • Inventory consolidation
  • Warehouse transfers
  • Work orders
  • Style / color / size
  • Value added accessorial charges
  • In/outbound handling
  • Volume/weight billing
  • Owner-specific billing
  • Recurring storage
  • Anniversary billing
  • Work order billing
  • Automatic invoice generation
  • Crossdocking
  • Dock door appointment scheduling
  • Quality inspections and audits
  • Flow-Through
  • Vendor/Carrier Performance
  • Returns Processing
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Best 3PL Billing on the Market Today

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  • Capture and bill for all the value-added services you provide​
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  • Can bill for overtime or fuel charges​
  • Can set up multi-year contracts with or without rate increases

Customer Portal

Easy-to-Use Self Serve Portal Reduces Customer Service Costs

  • Adaptable for any customer or brand
  • Simple to personalize with customer logos
  • Tailor make menus, screens, views, reports, and more
  • Create or customize reports for better decision making
  • Manage operations in real time

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