The Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences Industry

pharma life science industry utilizes workflow-software.

Across the world, supply chain companies dealing with pharmaceuticals, life sciences, medical devices and medical products tend to face similar challenges:

  • Compliance with governmental regulations
  • Trace and trace by lot, expiration date, etc.
  • Serialization and product authenticity
  • Product traceability throughout the supply chain for product recalls
  • Inventory management of temperature controlled storage conditions
  • Chain of Custody of controlled substances
  • Maintain quality control & validation

We develop & sell warehouse management software for supply chain businesses.

Learn more about industry-specific software for your pharmaceutical business.


Real-time warehouse management system for the pharmaceutical supply chain.

Third Party Logistics

Third party logistics warehouse management system manages inventory of multiple pharmaceutical companies. 


Pharmaceutical companies use Datex warehouse management system for quality control.


Using Datex WMS will reduce costs, boost labor productivity and ensure regulatory compliance.

Contract Manufacturer / Contract Packager

Multi-client inventory management WMS for contract manufacturing & packaging companies.

Specialty Pharmaceutical Distribution

Ideal for the specialty pharmaceutical distribution industry.

FUll Service Pharma wms

Pharmaceutical WMS For Your Business.

From pharmaceutical and life sciences manufacturers and distributors to third party logistics providers, companies need help from the latest technologies to reduce the risk of health and safety concerns of consumers, eliminate counterfeit goods, enable faster, more accurate product recalls and reduce costs.

The Datex suite of pharmaceutical warehouse management software and manufacturing management software tools provides an advanced toolset to help your business meet these challenges and keep operating costs under control.

Datex software solutions are workflow-based, designed to provide maximum flexibility without the need for changes in software development or coding.

We Have the Pharmaceutical WMS Essentials 

Both Datex Pharmaceutical Warehouse Management solutions and Manufacturing Solutions include “drag and drop” reporting to enable software solutions users to create or customize reports including for lot tracking, track and trace of expiry dates, quality control and much more.

With a system designed to allow users to have real time information visibility at their fingertips, Datex software users is available in both on premise and cloud versions.

In addition to EDI, integrations and a range of professional services, Datex also offers validation services.  Datex software solutions are integration-ready and work with conveyor systems, automated storage solutions, RFID and other advanced technologies.


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