Make Footprint Your “YES” WMS

Seamlessly Integrate with 3rd Party Solutions

The Datex Integration Approach

Our approach encompasses a suite of standard functionality delivered via the Footprint API Manager that will give the developer a strong base for creating new integrations.

Our flagship innovation, Wavelength, is a unified SaaS platform tailored for logistics providers, providing seamless integration to other systems.  It provides a framework for integrating external data and applications with Footprint WMS, facilitating connection to e-commerce, shipping and manifesting, EDI, material handling, marketplaces, shopping carts and more.

How This Approach Helps You:

  • Reduces time and cost to integrate
  • Opens up a world of connections to your business
  • Facilitates growth, easier adoption of more solutions
  • Provides you with more options for solving problems, providing more services, and increasing customer satisfaction rates
  • Provides you with a competitive advantage

API Solution

Wavelength is the answer to all your integration and customization needs

Why Wavelength API APPs?

Most commonly APIs are services that are expecting a command and supply a result. They require a client (something making a request) and a server (something responding). With Wavelength, your API app can send commands to other APIs as well as receive calls from client applications.

Accept Calls

Your API application can receive requests.

Make Calls

Your API application can make requests.

It’s the middle layer, application, service, all in one.

Footprint WMS Empowers You

By using Wavelength capabilities, Datex Footprint WMS can bring together data from any source within an API and bridge the gap between systems.  

Users can:

  • Draw in data from one system to populate data in another​
  • Build out screens to show data from multiple systems​
  • Control functionality across systems​
  • Have access to a unified operational ecosystem within one application

Here are some of our most popular integrations:




Ask about our extensive library of integrations:  including ERP, TMS, materialhandling, robotics, marketplaces, shopping carts and more


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