Cold Storage Warehouse Management Software

The WMS designed for the complexities of cold storage 3PLs
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Temperature Controlled Environments

Datex FootPrint® Cold Storage Warehouse Management Software facilitates Temperature Capture, provides the ability to restrict inventory to specific temperature zones, and allows you to select a primary and secondary location for storage

Cold storage warehouse providers have more complex conditions when handling refrigerated and frozen inventory. Combined with the complications of handling food and pharmaceuticals, this creates the need for a warehouse management system that is specifically developed for cold storage warehouse management. Having a WMS with specific features developed to meet these needs helps attract and retain clients, generate additional potential revenue and produce savings in labor and time.

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Cold Storage


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Pharma 3PL WMS

Food Product Track and Trace

Track and trace food products by:

Cold Storage Management Software
  • Lot
  • Vat
  • Code
  • SKU
  • UPC
  • Ingredient

Microsoft-Based WMS with Familiar User Interface

People fear change.  The Datex warehouse management system WMS builds on a familiar user interface that looks and feels like software most people use regularly.  Purposely designed with familiarity in mind, our software users tend to become comfortable using our software quickly, improving software adoption rates.

“Datex WMS software is easy to learn.  With the high turnover rate in this industry and our reliance on seasonal workers, it is especially important to us that we can train workers quickly to use our warehouse management system."

-Third Party Logistics Operations Director, CA

The answer is simple, Datex.  Contact us today to find out how Datex can help.

Workflow-Driven WMS Powers Flexible, Efficient Warehouse Operations

Workflow is a set of activities that is joined together to form a process that incorporates rules and business logic. Workflow depicts operational processes from start to finish, facilitating greater transparency and changes. Workflow-driven systems are more flexible and less expensive to adapt than WMS that rely on static hard coding. Datex can train your IT resources to adapt workflows to enable you to make changes to your operations.

Your Reports, Your Way

Customizable “Drag and Drop” Reporting Using Real Time Data
  • Select from our list of 70+ standardized reports or create your own
  • Create reports and dashboards on the fly by dragging and dropping fields into place in the Report Builder
  • Create graphs, charts, maps and diagrams
  • Users can view, manage and subscribe to reports for automatic delivery
  • Share reports and dashboards with other users or publish on the web portal

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Variable Weights and Measurements

Datex FootPrint® WMS handles inventory with inconsistent product weights (Catch/variable weight functionality), and the system is capable of using variable units of measure.

Activity Based Billing

With Datex FootPrint® WMS, you can charge your customers accessorial fees from handheld or desktop computer automatically, and create customized contracts for each client to bill accordingly.

Cold-Rated Hardware

These handheld, wearable and vehicle-mounted computers and printers, paired with Datex FootPrint® Cold Storage WMS, are purpose-built to provide enterprise-level support for your cold chain management needs.

Handheld Mobile Computers

Vehicle Mounted Computers

Rugged Tablet

Wearable Computers

Ultra-Rugged Barcode Scanners
Mobile Printers



 Merchandise Warehouse

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