E-Commerce Omnichannel & Fulfillment WMS


Have a problem? Our 3PL WMS can solve it.

Struggling with large volumes of smaller orders, shrinking delivery timeframes and a continual labor shortage? 

Want help with your e-commerce fulfillment challenges? 

Let Datex show you how our WMS can be used to:

Efficiently manage the flow of inventory

Optimize picking strategies

Speed up your operation

Enhance the speed and accuracy of order management

Streamline your operation to keep costs under control

Flexible WMS Solutions Mean Faster Fulfillment for Retail, D2C & E-Commerce

Are your business operations or clients at risk from an inability to access a stream of accurate, real time data?   Having access to shopping carts, inventory management data at distribution centers and third party warehouses as well as other software and systems needed for proper operation of an ecommerce business puts operations in peril.  Datex WMS software connects ecommerce retailers, fulfillment operations, third party logistics providers and more to the world beyond the warehouse for quick, accurate ecommerce order management and omnichannel fulfillment.

Integrates with Material Handling Systems Including:

    • Carousels
    • Conveyors
    • Sortation
    • Pick- to-Light
    • Zone divert modules
    • Shuttle systems
    • Manifest/document printers
  • Pick-to-Voice
  • Put-to-Light
  • In Line Weigh Scales
  • Vertical Lift Modules (VLM)
  • Put-to-Wall
  • Pick-from-Wall

Fulfillment WMS Features


EDI Retail Compliance

Online Shopping Carts

Open Web APIs

WMS Software Features for E-Commerce Fulfillment

Increase the speed of your ecommerce business.  Streamline your order fulfillment process for faster order, packing and shipping operations using the leading edge technology of Datex FootPrint® WMS.  

Want a competitive advantage in marketing your company as a fulfillment partner?  Our workflow-based WMS streamlines and automates the steps of order fulfillment, quality control, shipping process and more to help ensure seamless product delivery for D2C and B2B commerce.  

Whether you have multiple fulfillment centers or ecommerce sales operations, or are a 3PL, Datex WMS Software enables streamlined workflow-driven fulfillment operations for speedier, more accurate fulfillment.

Retail Store Fulfillment Features:

Enhanced inventory control and inventory management capabilities


Process orders & create shipments from retail locations in real time


Maintain real time access to inventory across your enterprise in one system

Microsoft-Based WMS with Familiar User Interface

People fear change.  The Datex warehouse management system WMS builds on a familiar user interface that looks and feels like software most people use regularly.  Purposely designed with familiarity in mind, our software users tend to become comfortable using our software quickly, improving software adoption rates.

“Datex WMS software is easy to learn.  With the high turnover rate in this industry and our reliance on seasonal workers, it is especially important to us that we can train workers quickly to use our warehouse management system."

-Third Party Logistics Operations Director, CA

Build Your Solution

These handheld, wearable and vehicle-mounted computers and printers, paired with Datex FootPrint® WMS, are purpose-built to provide enterprise-level support for your warehousing needs.

Faster, More Accurate E-Commerce Order Fulfillment

Today, ecommerce order management is complex, often requiring an enterprise WMS system with a full suite of tools designed for omnichannel fulfillment capabilities.  The Datex ecommerce warehouse management system provides full visibility and control for robust ecommerce order management and puts real time information and users’ fingertips.

  • Distributed order management
  • Master orders
  • Organize and sequence multiple orders into waves
  • Channel specific order fulfillment workflow channels
  • Kitting and assembly as well as assemble to order

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