E-Commerce Omnichannel & Fulfillment WMS In-Depth Information

Inbound Receiving and Putaway for WMS Fulfillment Operations:


Schedule dock door appointments to improve dock efficiency for each door and facility


Flexible workflow-based software handles consumer goods through receiving, including flow through and crossdocking, order processing and fulfillment in complex distribution environments


Manage warehouse & DC inbound operations using mobile devices including: receiving, putaway, replenishment, picking orders and other tasks

Enables Real Time Access to Inventory Information

  • Provides information visibility across the enterprise for ordering and decision making
  • Including delivery information
  • Including inventory in retail locations, warehouses, distribution centers and third party warehouse locations

Datex WMS Streamlines Outbound Operations

  • Enables direct-to-store, put-to-store, direct-to-consumer fulfillment & other strategies
  • Streamlines staging and other floor operations
  • Shipping management enables rate shipping, parcel tracking and more

Advanced Returns Processing, Reverse Logistics & Disposition Workflow

  • Disposition Inspections and Quality Assurance Management
  • Returns process management for a variety of channels via configurable workflows
  • Customer credit rules
  • Return to Vendor rules
  • Replacement rules
  • Material specific return configuration

Range of Picking Strategies Including:

  • Advanced pick and pack functionality
  • High Volume, small order Picking Methodology
  • Pick to Conveyor, Carton, Wall
  • Batch, Zone, Carousel, Piece Picking
  • Pick pack
  • Pick to cart

Retail Store Set Up, Logistics and Fixtures

Can be used for specialized logistics services of non-merchandise retail components such as POS & marketing materials, store fixtures and more

Datex Software Solution Provides “Drag & Drop” Real Time Customizable Reporting

  • Create reports in the format of your choice to meet every need
  • Share, publish and subscribe to reports for automated delivery
  • Alert and notification capabilities
  • Feature-rich reporting interface can incorporate audio, video, charts, graphs, images & more
  • Real time in-depth performance data

Built-in Labor Management Tools Help Boost Workforce Productivity

  • Multi-task interleaving
  • Real time tracking of workforce performance
  • Streamlined event and task management notifications
  • Task optimization
  • Inventory slotting

Branded Unique Customer Experience

  • Brand specific packaging, labeling and gift wrap
  • Personalized gift cards
  • Branded package inserts
  • Branded product documentation and instructions

Inventory Management for Omni-Channel and Multi-Channel Fulfillment Operations

  • Automated inventory counting tasks (physical and cycle count) via workflow save time and labor
  • Manage replenishment automatically to prevent stock-outs
  • Simplified returns and exchanges for faster, easier processing
  • Monitor and manage inventory turns to improve margins and keep costs under control
  • Location-based inventory control by zone (pallets, bins, etc.)

Smart Order Management & Release

  • Customer attributes
  • Special value-added services
  • Material Attributes
  • Carrier selection attributes
  • Order profile attributes
  • Refurbishment
  • Warranty Management

Facilitates Variety of Fulfillment and Delivery Options Including:

  • Order online, pick up in store
  • Order online, pick up at DC or third party warehouse
  • Order online, ship to parcel locker or third party location
  • Ship from store
  • Ship from warehouse or DC
  • Ship from third party warehouse
  • Last mile delivery carriers
  • Last mile logistics platforms

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