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Schooley Mitchell is the largest cost reduction consulting firm in North America. We deliver expertise to companies from all industries, offering a broad range of services including:

  • Analysis of telecom needs
  • Analysis of merchant services needs
  • Analysis of small package needs
  • Billing error identification
  • Ongoing monitoring to ensure services remain optimized

Our independent and objective recommendations are based solely on your best interests. Consultants receive no kickbacks, residuals or incentives from providers. The services are risk-free – you incur no out-of-pocket expenses and our fees are self-funded out of the savings generated. If savings aren’t found, you don’t pay. On average, we reduce expenses by 27-28% and have delivered over $320 million in documented savings to our clients. Any business that uses telephones, wireless devices, computers, processes debit or credit cards, or uses shipping and courier services can benefit from Schooley Mitchell’s expertise. 

Hardware Solution Partners

Supply Chain and Technical Consultants.

Our mission is to resolve the tough challenges encountered by our customers every day.  Datex works hand in hand with our software partners, bringing expertise, experience, innovation and the power of leading edge technology to meet these critical needs.

Datex works closely with supply chain and technical consultants to bring a variety of software solutions to businesses across the globe.  We place high value on our relationship with consultants and actively cultivate partnerships, whether for software reseller or referral relationships or simply to collaborate on industry information or new innovations.  As usage of Datex software solutions continues to expand across the globe, we are in increasing need of new partners.  We invite you to contact us today to start building a relationship with Datex!

Datex software solutions are built from the ground up and are created to be highly flexible, scalable and adaptable.  Built to meet changing business conditions, dynamic processes and demanding clients, Datex software solutions are ideal for companies that are growth oriented.  Datex can provide a full range of IT solutions including software, hardware consulting and managed services, perfect for businesses seeking a one stop solution and for those with limited internal resources.


Why Partner with Datex.

  • High rate of client satisfaction
  • Datex software solutions can be adapted to meet client through workflow configuration
  • Datex software solutions result in long term cost savings for clients
  • Innovative marketing and sales strategy

Software Consultants Partnership.

  • Software Solution Referral Partners
  • Software Reseller Partners

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