The New Datex Business Rules Engine

Rules Engine gives you control, savings, speed and more
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We need to ask you something…

  • Do you have complex operations with multiple conditions, rules and specifications in your warehousing operation?
  • Are you handling regulated goods?
  • Are you handling D2C fulfillment, handling thousands of shipments per day that do not require individual review?
  • Does your warehouse handle goods that require specialized storage, handling and transportation?
  • Does your business handle a high volume of returned goods?

If you answered “YES” to one or more of these questions, then your business would benefit from the new Datex Business Rules Engine.  Using this new functionality will help your business to save time and reduce the cost of professional services.  At a time when agility in business is.

rules engine

What does the Rules Engine do?

The new Datex Business Rules Engine allows authorized users to set up and alter business processes based on rules and conditions established to govern the way that the warehouse management software executes business processes. 

  • Works for any industry or type of goods
  • Ideal for complicated processes with multiple conditions and rules

Datex Footprint® WMS provides authorized users with access to an easy-to-use template into which the user can:

  • Specify conditions and values for properties using parameters within the warehouse management system, including user defined fields
  • Configure actions to be executed based upon rules and conditions
  • Establish a schedule for executable actions
  • Incorporate Datex Survey functionality within an executable process

How Can the Rules Engine Be Used?

Here are some of the popular uses for the Datex WMS Business Rules Engine:

  • Check for duplicate orders
  • Execute shipment process based on a variety of rules including: product shelf life
  • Verify healthcare provider licensure by state
  • Validate DEA licensing, owner/carrier rules, replenishment rules

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