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Datex FootPrint WMS provides seamless visibility of inventory from the time it enters the gate until it leaves the facility. The improved inventory visibility from the initial point of delivery allows for greater planning, control and system efficiencies. The Datex warehouse management system (WMS) provides a complete end to end solution for inventory management with real time visibility, sophisticated reporting tools, track and trace and streamlined automated operational processes.


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Datex FootPrint WMS is built on the Microsoft .NET platform and includes features and functionality typically found in top level warehouse management systems but at a more affordable price. Rather than rely on static hard coding that is costly to change, the Datex warehouse management system uses “workflow”, series of activities joined with logic and decision making to form business processes. By using a workflow based system, Datex can offer tremendous flexibility to companies. Workflows can be adapted by internal IT professionals, third party resources or the Datex team at a lower cost than changes to hard coding. This allows businesses to be more responsive, onboard new clients faster and save time and labor

The Datex warehouse management system is user friendly, easy to learn and master. With a user interface similar to Microsoft consumer software, users are immediately put at ease and feel familiar with the system. Users love the easy to understand menus and system logic and appreciate the ability to customize views, filter by fields, and customized system alerts.

Using Microsoft SQL Reporting Services (SSRS), Datex has created a reporting system within its warehouse management system that is easy enough for even non-technical users to use to create customized reports. Datex FootPrint WMS users simply “drag and drop” fields into the format of their choice to create the report they need or use one of the many standardized reports already created.

Datex FootPrint WMS uses Microsoft SQL Server 2008 or 2012. System code has been optimized using object oriented-programming, allowing easier access to pre-existing functions to create new functionality. Designed “from the ground up”, our WMS is unique and does not contain features and functionality added through acquisition of other companies’ warehouse management systems. This makes our warehouse management system smooth, fluid and easy to navigate without the need for repeated log ins or page changes.


Datex FootPrint WMS has been interfaced with accounting systems such as QuickBooks, Peachtree, ACCPAC, MAS500, Microsoft Dynamics GP and others. Datex works with trading partners and can facilitate EDI standard transactions and accounting system interfaces for SAP, Epicor, Great Plains and other systems. Datex FootPrint WMS can be integrated with other supply chain and logistics systems such as ERP, MRP, TMS, accounting systems, shipping carriers and other software to provide a seamless flow of real time data across the enterprise.


Datex includes quarterly product upgrades as part of our support and maintenance agreement.  This ensures that our customers always have the latest technology available, new innovative features and functionality and more without having to spend thousands of dollars for costly upgrades.


Get up and running quickly and reduce the burden on your IT resources with a cloud solution

On Premise

Have control over and immediate access to your technology


Scale Ticket

  • Used for inbound and outbound processing of bulk materials
  • Expedites processing
  • Captures the vehicle weight
  • Calculates the weight of the inventory
  • Generates a scale ticket

Also Captures:

  • Carrier
  • Trailer number
  • Tractor number
  • And more

Yard Management

Datex FootPrint WMS makes real time information on inventory available immediately, not when inventory enters the warehouse but rather at the point of check in at the gate to the facility.    This helps to streamline the flow of inventory from the time it enters the yard, not the warehouse.  The increased level of inventory visibility allows for greater system efficiency, real time decision making, greater planning and reporting.

Key Features of Datex FootPrint WMS Yard Management

  • Check in/check out information capture
  • Intra yard move tracking
  • Flexible appointment scheduling
  • Trailer validation
  • Container status tracking
  • Performance tracking
  • Cross docking and trans load
  • Manages inbound and outbound trailers

Trans Load/Cross Docking

The trans load feature of Datex FootPrint WMS is unique.  Users can enter inbound and outbound information all in the same window so that the receiving and shipping processes can be synchronized without waiting to have an outbound order generated by data entry staff after the product has been received.  Trans loads can be attached to load containers enabling users to track, schedule and pre-assign doors with priorities to assist with workload schedules.  Using this key feature of Datex FootPrint WMS can save thousands of dollars annually.

Load/Container Management

This WMS yard management feature provides increased tracking data to users.  The Load/Container Management feature tracks Datex Available, Last Onsite Date, Last Pier Date, In Yard Date, and temperature readings and allows users to prioritize loads.  In addition, it tracks and manages import and export containerized loads in addition to over the road trucks.

Dock Door Appointment Scheduling

One of the favorite features of Datex FootPrint WMS is the color key coded dock door appointment scheduler.  This critical warehouse management system feature shows viewers in real time the status of each load from time of delivery to process completion.  Some Datex customers have installed monitors in waiting rooms for drivers to be able to view materials in process in real time, making waiting time less frustrating.

Order management

Within Datex FootPrint WMS is a complete order management system designed to provide complete inventory details.  Easy to use, the order management system saves time and facilitates accurate order entry.  Inbound and outbound warehouse activities can be planned including allocating stock to specific customers, managing fill rate and backorders and much more.

The Datex warehouse management system also includes an apparel matrix for companies in the Textile and Apparel industry to allow users to track multiple combinations of prices, colors, styles and sizes.

Warehouse Operations

WMS Receiving

The receiving feature of the Datex warehouse management system allows the company to track receipt of materials from different vendors to be stored in the warehouse or prepared for shipping.

Blind Receiving:

Allows receipt of goods without prior notification or creation of purchase order.

EDI/ASN Receiving:

Provides advance notification that inventory will be received through previous notification by vendor.

Partial Receiving:

Allows receipt for an incomplete order. The user can either close the order or leave the order open.

Automated Receiving:

Enter in the order, palletize it, receive it and put away material all in one step.

Bulk Receiving:

Weigh full railcar or truck loads before material receipt then again afterward to receive goods into Datex FootPrint WMS.

WMS Putaway

Datex FootPrint WMS systematically moves material from receiving locations to final or temporary storage locations in the warehouse.

System Directed Putaway:

Allows the system to select the best location for the inventory received based on rules configured.

User Directed Putaway:

Allows the user to select the best location for the product that has been received.

WMS Picking

Datex FootPrint WMS takes specified quantities of material from inventory and assigns it to a shipment.  The Datex warehouse management system provides various types of picking including:

Single Order:

Designed to pick an individual item according to a received order.


Designed to group orders into batches to create a multiple order to be picked in a single pass.


Creates groups of materials to be picked.

Wave Planning:

Creates “waves” for a specific order or shipment. Pick waves can also contain all the orders for a particular account or carrier..

General Warehouse Operations Features

Inbound Processing in Real Time

  • Bulk and blind receiving
  • ASN receiving
  • Catch and variable weight
  • Scale tickets automated to WMS
  • Regular, partial blind receipt

Outbound Processing in Real Time

  • Single, bulk, cluster or wave picking
  • Pick and pack processing
  • Pick by each
  • RF pick
  • Load building
  • FIFO, FEFO, FMFO, LIFO & more
  • Order consolidation
  • Backorder processing

Inventory Management

  • Track and trace
  • Serial number control/serialization
  • Apparel matrix (style/color/size)
  • Automatic replenishment
  • System can handle multiple simultaneous holds
  • Inspections, taste testing and quarantines

Warehouse Operations

  • Temperature capture
  • Pallet tracking
  • Barcode parsing
  • Warehouse transfer
  • Owner/cloaked owner transfer
  • Create customer specific labels & Bill of Lading
  • Restrict inventory locations

Other Features

  • EDI ready
  • Customizable reporting
  • Crossdocking and transloading
  • Dock door appointment scheduling
  • Document storage in inventory records
  • Audit trail
  • Signature capture

See what Datex FootPrint WMS can do for you.

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