Datex Warehouse Management System Technology

Cutting Edge Microsoft Technology Chosen for Its Flexibility and Scalability

Finally, a WMS Designed for Flexibility

Embedded Workflow and Query Functionality Facilitate WMS Customization without Source Code Changes

Workflow tool represents business logic, decision making and processes graphically


Workflow enables customization of processes without the need for source code changes

Your IT resources can be trained by Datex to adapt workflows to meet the needs of your customers


Workflows carry through to the next upgrade

Construct queries against any system data, even external data


Can turn queries into an actionable list

Secured Access and Activity Traceability

  • Role-based security facilitates control and monitoring of the WMS by user role
  • Comprehensive, immutable audit trail for creation, modification and deletion of records
  • Executes checks to determine the validity of the source of the data input

Database Multi-threading


Data read and write commands never impact parent records; instead are appended as a child record (journal record)


Minimizes data loss


Simplifies report writing

Helps increase speed in searches and system performance

Is Your Current WMS Keeping You from Gaining New Clients and Growing Your Business? 

Yesterday’s technology may be keeping you from attracting, winning and retaining business.  Want your 3PL business to grow?  Leverage technology.

Workflow-driven, the Datex WMS can help you expedite multiple or second warehouse implementation projects, resulting in significant savings.

Built in Tiers and Blocks for Quick Deployment

  • Functional blocks of software code (function or business entity) connected together over database tier
  • Facilitates adding new tools, widgets and controls

FootPrint Environment Manager

Helps clients maintain multiple environments at one time to upgrade from one to another

Enables clients to thoroughly test software and modifications

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