Next Generation WMS

Datex and Higher Education: Working together to advance supply chain technology.

Real World Projects

Datex works with students and faculty in several different ways, from the RFP/RFI/FRQ process through implementation and actual real world use of our Warehouse Management System (WMS). Additionally we can provide demo videos and other materials of our WMS for learning and study purposes.

Use this form to send us your RFP or to request the video demo and other educational materials.

WMS in the Classroom

Datex can provide your classroom with FootPrint, our world class warehouse management system for educational purposes. Our WMS runs the entire warehouse operations and includes workflow management, making it easy to modify how the system works. This allows you to change how the system works to accommodate multiple types of business models. Contact Datex to get more details.


We provide internships for supply chain, marketing, international business, IT, engineering, finance and other disciplines. Visit our careers page to find out which internships are currently available.

Permanent Positions

Datex hires university grads for positions in all departments including IT, marketing, finance, development, sales and more. As a constantly growing business, we prefer to hire individuals new to the workforce and develop and promote from within. Our goal is to give our dedicated staff the opportunity to build a career with Datex. We offer a relaxed environment where teamwork and collaboration are encouraged. To find out more about what it’s like to work at Datex, visit Why Work at Datex, or visit our career center to see which positions are currently open.

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