Make Footprint Your “YES” WMS

WMS for Fulfillment Warehouse Operations

Tailor user interface and system to optimize the efficiency and productivity of your operation

  • Seamless integration capabilities
  • Optimize picking strategies, packing and cartonization​
  • Readily handle large volumes of D2C orders​
  • Gain insight for improved decision making with ​complete visibility, tailored reports and dashboards

    Checklist for High Volume Order Fulfillment

    Datex Has It Covered:


    Mobile-device friendly


    Integration ready


    Multi-step returns management


    Real time accurate visibility


    Mobile friendly 


    Directed putaway


    Pick pack 


    Multi-picking strategies 


    Cartonization included  


    Labor optimization features included


    Rules-based warehouse operational processes


    Inventory transfers 


    Compliance labeling 


    EDI and ASNs 


    Warehouse transfers


    Multi-warehouse visibility and operations 


    Multiple units of measure


    User friendly 


    Returns processing 


    Cycle counting 


    Automated updates, notifications, and reports Configurable, advanced reporting and dashboards 

    Datex Fulfillment WMS Advantages:  Includes the ability to:

    • Onboard new customers faster and easier
    • Be able to continually add new produces rapidly
    • Scale up to add new warehouses, distribution centers and fulfillment centers
    • Reduce warehouse operating costs
      • Handle seasonality variations and fluctuations in order volumes
      • Provide clear visibility
      • Facilitate tight inventory controls
      • Improve your customer experience through enhanced customer service
      More Description
      • Providing an easy-to-use self-service customer portal decreases customer service labor
      • Handle EDI and ASN orders
      • Enable priority-driven wave strategies
      • Segment inventory across marketplaces
      • Facilitate kitting and/or assembly
      • Shop for best rates within the WMS platform
      • Automatically capture orders for all channels
      • Fulfill orders from multiple locations including warehouses, 3PL partners, retail locations


      Rapid, Lower Cost Adaptation to Business Demands – It’s a GAME CHANGER 

      What is Workflow?

      A flexible, configurable series of activities built to form an actionable process using conditional rules you create and business logic you approve.

      Workflows are used to “customize” business processes and other elements for your 3PL customers

      Why the Datex Workflow-Enabled WMS is Superior 
      • It leverages Microsoft Windows Workflow Foundation, a leading-edge technology tool 
      • Enables you to integrate each customer’s individual unique requirements into your 3PL operation seamlessly 
      • Can reduce the burden on IT resources 
      • Enhances ability to make changes quickly and cost effectively 
      • Can be copied and used again and in other fulfillment centers, warehouses, and distribution centers 
      • Facilitates self-reliance, enables 3PL to handle implementations with minimal help from Datex 
      • Speeds up onboarding of new customers 

        Grow Your Business… Scale Your Operation with Datex Workflow

        Faster and at lower cost for nationwide or global expansion 

        After training, your IT department can leverage workflow to do configurations, re-use workflow and set up new fulfillment centers, warehouses, and distribution centers 

        Scale your business and processes to meet dynamic needs and changing requirements 

        Datex Fulfillment WMS Order Fulfillment Functions: 

        • Order and shipment entry 
        • Order allocation based on specific product attributes or strategy (FIFO, FEFO and more) 
        • Web based customer order entry  
        • Shipment confirmation notification via email 
        • Enables multiple units of measure including:
            •  Pallet
            • Case
            • Master Pack
            • Individual Saleable Unit 

        Fulfillment WMS Software Adaptable for Multiple Order Types 

        • Single-unit shipments 
        • Multiple-SKU orders (to same customer in same shipment) 
        • Case fulfillment shipments 
        • Drop shipping orders 
        • Direct-to-DC 
        • Direct-to-retail stores

          Wide array of picking strategies including:

          Pick and pack
          High volume
          Small order
          Pick to conveyor
          Pick to carton
          Pick to wall
          Piece pick
          Pick to cart

          Optimized Outbound Processes for Fulfillment Operations including:

          • Direct-to-store 
          • Put-to-store 
          • Direct-to consumer
          • Staging and other floor operations 

          Rules-Based Advance Returns Processing including

          • Disposition inspections 
          • QA inspections 
          • Return to vendor 
          • Replacement 
            • Material specific returns 
            • Customer credit rules 
            • Returns process management for an array of channels  
            • Reverse logistics 



              Capture and bill for all the value-added services you provide by using mobile devices


              Real time notifications, surveys, and assigned work activities keep labor on track



              Android, iOS, Windows Mobile, and Tablet compatible


              Portrait or landscape orientation capable


              Money and Resource-Saving Cartonization Now Included 

              The Datex solution provides the ability to eliminate the “guesswork” from packaging.  Our cartonization system is included at no cost within the Datex Fulfillment WMS.  Keep shipping and packaging costs down using automatic packaging optimization based on:






              Other factors

              Your 3PL Fulfillment Warehouse Operations Can Use Datex Footprint® WMS for

              • D2C
              • Retail Channel
              • Dropship Channel

              Datex Fulfillment WMS Handles Inventory Tasks Based on: 

              • Quantity 
              • Inventory 
              • Weight
              • Dimensions 

                FULLY CONNECTED

                Web Service API Integration

                Single-facing API for all Footprint products and integrations saves you time and money

                REST-based API

                Power Bi connection capabilites

                Webhook capabilities

                Connect your D2C, B2B, and dropshipping channels within a central inventory management and order solution

                Shopping carts 

                e-Commerce platforms 


                Shipping Carriers 


                Order management system

                Transportation management systems

                ERP Systems

                Timekeeping and labor management solutions 

                Slotting solutions 

                Order picking system including: 

                • Voice-enabled solutions (i.e. pick-to-light, put-to-light) 

                • Smart carts 

                • Goods-to-person systems 

                • Put walls 

                • Mobile robots 


                Ecommerce fulfillment is testing the boundaries of technology in warehouse fulfillment operations. Struggling to meet the complex, fast paced needs of your customers during peak season, or worse yet, every day?  Datex Footprint® WMS is a warehouse manager’s best friend.

                Warehousing and the supply chain industry in general is a tough, fast-paced business.  Ecommerce purchases are through the roof and fulfillment operations must be able to keep costs down while ensuring rapid, efficient operations in the warehouse.


                FAST AND AGILE


                Designed to meet the needs of complex operations

                Recommended for medium to enterprise operations  


                Flexible workflow-based software that can be tailored to meet the needs of any business

                Leverages easy-to-use queries to find exactly the information you need, whenever you want it


                • Helps to facilitate error-free inventory counts 
                • Aids in elimination of inventory shrinkage 
                • Seamless real time inventory tracking by SKU, UPC, lot and much more 
                • Workflow automated, process-driven WMS eliminates errors 
                  • No more rework
                  • Consistently excellent performance 
                  • Handles high volume operations 
                  • Incredibly flexible 
                  • Real time data at your fingertips 

                    Why Datex? 

                    Get the Flexibility Your Business and Clients Need

                    Configurable WMS Reduces Costs, Errors and Wasted Time

                    Warehouse management software designed with the utmost flexibility and adaptability in mind.  By developing a WMS that can be readily changed, our software can meet any need or requirement, ideal for growing supply chain businesses and multi-client operations including 3PL, CMO and CPO. 

                    Workflow-driven software


                    Reporting and dashboards 







                    Business rules 



                    Highly Experienced in Delivering and Ensuring Client Success

                    Executive-level attention and oversight

                    Dedicated Strategic Account Manager

                    Personalized account attention

                    End-to-end technology solution provider

                    Dedicated PMI-certified Project Manager

                    Continuous software delivery process

                    Dedicated customer success team

                    White glove service

                    Decades of Supply Chain Industry Experience

                    Handles any kind of inventory including bulk, regulated and hazardous goods



                    Food processing

                    Regulated goods

                    D2C fulfillment

                    Food grade distribution

                    Cold and ambient storage

                    Pharma/life science

                    Direct-to retailer



                    3PL WMS for Fulfillment 

                    It’s obvious.  A 3PL warehouse needs 3PL software, with the best 3PL billing engine on the market today.  Period. 

                    Imagine you manage a warehouse with one hundred customers.  Each customer wants it “their way”.  Having warehouse management software designed for third party logistics providers enables you to satisfy the requirements, preferences and needs of each customer. Each customer wants their own branded invoices, labels, reports, and customized business processes. Can your current warehouse management system (WMS) handle this seamlessly without manual intervention or workarounds? 

                    Confused about warehouse technology for fulfillment operations?  From execution systems, labor management and transportation management systems to cloud, SaaS, and 3PL software, third party logistics providers need to be able to meet the needs of multiple customers, each with their own unique, complex requirements. 

                    In case you wondered, we are the best, the best kept secret in the industry.  Competitive with Tier 1 WMS but at a fraction of the price. 

                    3PL Third Party Logistics Providers Provide Essential Order Fulfillment and Supply Chain Services

                    The hallmark of a 3PL company is its ability to serve multiple clients, each with its own unique requirements.  Specialists in supply chain management, customers (often referred to as “shippers”) of third party logistics providers often select 3PL providers based on the integrated technology that they use and the IT services they can provide.  Using 3PL providers can help shippers to save time and money, increase profit margins and meet the challenges as their business grows.

                    Shippers often leverage a 3PL company to act as a fulfillment partner and rely on them to handle the challenges of returns management, supply chain visibility and provide a high level of service to ensure customer satisfaction, which in turn means return consumer ecommerce sales.


                    Datex 3PL WMS Technology Helps Ensure the Success of Your 3PL Partners

                    3PL warehousing is a fast-paced, action-packed industry, one filled with changes day after day.  From shipping labels to human capital management, the Datex Fulfillment WMS can help fulfillment centers and 3PL warehouses operate at the speed of “now”.  With sophisticated tools like workflow and queries, the Datex Fulfillment WMS can enable smooth operational processes tailored to any customer need or requirement.

                    Is your ecommerce inventory ready for global business?  It can be with our help.  Datex Fulfillment WMS enables real time inventory visibility, provides configurable drag and drop reporting and is a cloudbased warehouse management system.


                    More Description

                    As a Datex 3PL WMS user, you can pick, pack, and ship from within the same warehouse management system that you use to shop for competitive carrier shipping rates.  Our software enables you to handle returns, even with multi-step inspections and quality assurance processes, manage inventory across multiple warehouse locations and control shipping costs.

                    Optimally designed for midsized businesses to enterprises, the Datex warehouse management system works well for different types of warehouses, including fulfillment centers, distribution centers, ambient and cold storage warehouses.  With our easy-to-use and maintain cloudbased solutions, our warehouse management software is a favorite of both information technology teams and users.  As a matter of fact, potential clients even select Datex over tier one top warehouse management software vendors!

                    Used by logistics 3PL warehouses across the world, Datex Footprint® WMS improves warehouse efficiency, enhances the effective management of inventory and is the warehouse management solution of choice for 3PL billing.  In WMS software comparisons, the Datex warehouse management system has been heralded for its inherent flexibility, scalability, and ease of use, especially important in today’s whirlwind of employee turnover. 

                    Fulfillment centers and warehouses which handle fulfillment need specialized functionality in a warehouse management system.  Also, because they tend to process much larger volumes of individual orders, they require features which enable fulfillment operations to process and fulfill orders faster and more accurately. 


                    • Built from the ground up to handle multiple owners, multiple warehouse 
                    • Built in tiers and blocks for quick deployment 
                    • Owner segregation:  each owner can have multiple projects, each with its own 
                      • Inventory 
                      • Billing rules 
                      • Compliance 
                      • Workflows 
                      • Reports, forms, and labels
                    More Description
                    • Multi-threaded database prevents records from locking up and screens from freezing 
                    • Rules engine powers multi-order processing, allocation, cartonization and wave release 
                    • Features production management functionality 
                      • Production order 
                      • Work order 
                      • Outbound request 
                        • Kitting 
                        • Assembly 
                        • Manufacturing 
                      • Captures value added services and automatically bills according to rules you establish

                    3PL Cold Storage WMS for Fulfillment 

                    From meal kits and subscriptions to direct-to-consumer e-commerce, cold storage warehouses no longer only handle goods by the pallet or case.  Dealing with perishables, high-value regulated goods such as biopharmaceuticals, third-party logistics providers must be able to handle complex processes with continuous, efficient operations and real-time visibility and intelligence. 

                    Peak season?  No problem.  Compliance with FDA regulations?  We got it covered. 

                    The Datex 3PL Customer Portal enables self-serve customer operations, reducing the cost of customer service staffing.


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