Warehousing & Distribution Management

Managing inbound dock operations can be chaotic at times. Datex warehousing and distribution management solutions include yard management to help warehouse professionals effectively manage the yard attached to a warehouse or distribution center (DC). Datex FootPrint® WMS yard management functionality includes dock door appointment scheduling, trailer check in and check out, cross docking and trans load, container tracking, trailer validation and other features key to the successful operation of inbound dock operations

Datex FootPrint® WMS includes commanding functionality for receiving, putaway, picking, track and trace and order management. Ideal for handling a diverse range of inventory from bulk goods, apparel, serialized goods and electronics to pharmaceuticals and food, the Datex warehouse management system handles multi-commodities within the same warehouse effortlessly while ensuring maximum efficiency and productivity.

Drag & Drop Reporting

The Datex warehouse management system was developed to handle multi-warehouse, multi-customer scenarios and has an easy to use sophisticated billing system. Non-technical users will love the reporting system. Users can simply “drag and drop” fields into the format of their choice to create customized reports or select one of the many standardized reports within the system.

Powerful and Customizable Workflows

Datex FootPrint® WMS includes a powerful workflow engine that manages business processes throughout the operation. Using workflow instead of a warehouse management system that uses static hard coding means operational processes can be changed more readily, saving your business time, labor and money.

Real Time Visibility

Warehousing and distribution operations using radio frequency identification (RFID) technology typically find the technology to be highly effective in increasing accuracy, increasing efficiency and productivity leading to greater profitability. Using RF technology and mobile computing options, warehouse and distribution operations can ensure that changes are posted to the warehouse management system in real time. This allows for quick capture of information and accurate system data for billing, reporting and more..

More Warehouse Management System Features

  • Dock door appointment scheduler
  • Single, batch, cluster and wave picking
  • Kitting and assembly
  • Handles multiple warehouses, multiple customers
  • System directed or manual putaway
  • Catch/variable weight
  • HAZMAT ready
  • Pallet tracking
  • Ability to restrict inventory locations
  • Automatic replenishment
  • Order consolidation
  • Barcode parsing
  • Serialization/serial number control
  • Can create customer specific BOL and labels
  • Can attach documents and files to inventory records
Warehouse Distribution Management System

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