Make Footprint Your “YES” WMS

for 3PL Transportation Services

Grow Faster, Scale Effortlessly

  • Rapid onboarding and deployment accelerates revenue​
  • Multi-warehouse and enterprise visibility​
  • Handles any kind of inventory; bulk, steel pipes, coils and plates; liquids, oils, and hazardous materials​
  • Seamless integration capabilities​
  • Best configurable 3PL billing on the market today

    Datex 3PL WMS for Transportation Services includes all the functionality of Datex Footprint® 3PL WMS plus additional functionality ideal for 3PL transportation services providers.

    Datex 3PL WMS Enables and Supports Transportation and Logistics Services 

    Material Handling and Storage

    • Load, unload, and store
    • Transloading
    • Crossdocking
    • Bulk, break bulk, containers, liquids, project cargo
    • Cargo handling
    • Stevedoring
    • Bag, crush, blend, mix, bundle or wrap processing
    • Specialized equipment
    • Forward position inventory
    • Laydown and outdoor
    • Solutions for refinery, steel mill, energy distribution facility or similar operations

    Common 3PL Transportation Services and Goods  


    Bulk transfers

    Material handling and storage

    Heavy industrial products


    Sample products

    Other services
    • Material handling and storage
    • Packaging drums, totes super sacks
    • Bulk commodities in supersacks
    • Mining products
    • Secondary coils
    • Wood products
    • Repacking
    • Sorting and palletizing
    • Full service consolidation
    • Handling overweight, out gauge cargo
    • Container and inbound truck consolidation
    • Packaging and re-packing-bags, bulk, container trucks and rail cars
    • Coil turning
    • Customized pallets
    • Customized configurations to specific requirements
    • Container shipping and stuffing for imported and exported containers
    • Inbound/outbound notifications
    • Crossdocking

    Datex WMS for 3PL Transportation Services Provides Incredible Flexibility 

    • Handles any kind of inventory including but not limited to:

    – Bulk materials (sand, rock, slag, etc.)

    – Steel pipes

    – Steel coils

    – Steel plates

    – Liquids

    – Oil

    – Hazardous materials

    • Handles as many customers as you want
    • Multi-warehouse operations
    • Handles Any mode of transportation: Handles goods being transported by:

    –  Truckload

    – Barge/Vessel

    – Rail car and more

    Flexible, Configurable Warehouse Operations for 3PL Transportation Services 

    • Sequences picking and allocation by location
    • Facilitates material transfers easily
    • Facilitates ownership transfers (co-mingling)
    • Can set up tolerance levels for overship/undership



    Work Orders


    • Can be tied to inbound, outbound or be independent
    • Can enter instructions, details, notes and attachments
    • Configurable based on customer
    • Can include image attached to order
    • Automatically shows up on handheld device

    Comprehensive, Configurable Inventory Management Capabilities 


    Easily handles inventory adjustments


    Each item can have multiple units of measure simultaneously

    Provides user defined units of measure

    More Description
    • Paperless System: Houses attachments:

    – Documents such as BOLs, pick lists, packing slips, certificates, etc.

    – Images and video

    • System can sort by product and owner (break bulk/serial)
    • BOL and work orders can be printed directly from inventory
    • Can adjust lot information including assay and size as needed within the log inventory screen without the use of a work order

    Simply the Best, Most Configurable 3PL Billing System on the Market Today 

    Incredibly flexible and dynamic, the Datex 3PL Billing System is the best in the market today. The system can enable each individual customer to be billing to meet individual needs, no matter how unusual or special.

    • Flexible enough to bill each customer at different intervals using differing strategies
    • Project specific billing
    • Can have 3 agreements set up in the system to run in sequence
    WMS can easily capture and bill for any and all value added services including:
    • Cleaning
    • Cutting of steel plates or other materials to specified size
    • Bag packing
    • Super sacking
    • Co-mingling
    • Canning
    • Processing
    • Owner transfers
    • Blending
    • Screening
    • Any other labor-based tasks specified by inventory owner
    Can bill by:
    • Net weight
    • Gross weight
    • Volume
    • Quantity
    • Rental space
    • Customized process
    • Specific value-added service
    • Specific warehouse
    • Interval
    • Anniversary cycle
    • Per hundredth weight
    No more manual calculations, printing and checking of draft invoices
    • Auto generation of invoices- Invoices are created automatically based on real time information provided to the WMS
    Workflow-based Billing
    • Workflow automatically creates value added services charges
    • Once shipment is closed, system auto creates and adds charges and creates billing records
    • Billing status creates placeholder for accessorial charges; once user is finished, system confirms
    More Billing Capabilities:
    • Can allow for grace period
    • Enter rate up to 4 decimal places
    • Bill for minimum charges
    • Bill by range at a separate rate
    • Bill based on different billion0
    • Can apply discounts
    • Creates billing records for all different owners and projects
    • Can bill on both a monthly and daily basis
    • Can split charges for a shipment to two or more owners

    Yard Management

    Scale Ticket


    Can be created at any given time

    Can be based on multiple stations, warehouses associated with it
    For inbound, outbound or weight station
    More Description
    • Can be set up at different intervals to certify tare weights of equipment to recertify weight
    • Can specify conveyance
    • Captures serial numbers outbound
    • Can receive into multiple locations for scale ticket
    • Can specify default warehouse and which warehouses into which you want visibility
    • Captures weight of loaded container or dump truck

    – Creates material weight

    – Records location

    – Receives product immediately into a location which user can specify

    – Can receive product into multiple locations

    • Shows:

    – Certified tare weight

    – Tractor number

    – Trailer number

    – Driver identity

    Yard, Dock and Rail Locations and Control

    Dock door/rail yard planning and appointment scheduling
    Driver signature capture on BOL

    3PL Transportation Services Providers:  Vital Business Partners in Times of Disruption 

    Move over drop shipping 3PL business partners and Amazon fulfillment centers.  There is much more to the supply chain logistics industry than just e-commerce fulfillment and drop shipping. 

    These days, many companies choose to outsource logistics and transportation to third party logistics providers (commonly referred to as 3PL providers or simply 3PLs or 3PL partners).  3PL providers offer specialized services and leverage their partner network, industry expertise and technology to provide services which result in enhanced supply chain visibility, cost savings for distributing inventory, managed transportation, as well as for global logistics and transportation management.

    More Description


    Across the world every day, logistics managers leverage the latest technology in warehouse management systems, transportation management systems, routing software and other innovations to save time and money, optimize warehouse space and transportation routes, reduce shipping costs, and handle complicated reverse logistics issues.  The world of 3PL transportation services is vast, complex, and vital to the global logistics of ecommerce fulfillment as well as to manufacturing of consumer products, bulk goods, construction supplies-you name it. 

    As a business grows, often multiple warehouse locations and new logistics solutions are needed.  It is critical that 3PL businesses have the necessary technologies to support their core competencies and provide a wide range of supply chain solutions. 

    Transportation and Logistics Services 

    From ocean carriers to air freight and inland transportation, freight forwarders provide key supply chain logistics services that can benefit your business.  Often used to help simplify bulk order shipping processes from one company internationally, freight forwarders provide warehousing solutions for shippers.  This includes the provision of documentation including cargo insurance and customs compliance documents to take this burden from the shipper. 

    Some of the most notable examples of 3PL transportation service providers include XPO Logistics, UPS Supply Chain Solutions.  There are several types of 3PLs.  Rather than focus on services typically provided by other 3PL businesses such as kitting and assembly, pick and pack, reverse logistics, and ecommerce fulfillment solutions, 3PL transportation services providers concentrate on material handling and storage, specialized logistics solutions, and managed transportation.  Leveraging a third party logistics provider that focuses on core competencies involving transportation and logistics can provide you with tremendous value and benefit your business. 


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