Make Footprint Your “YES” WMS

WMS for Specialty Pharma Distribution

Control, Compliance, Coordination CapabilitiesSpecifically for Pharma

  • Seamless integration capabilities​​
  • Streamline documentation and regulatory compliance​
  • Rapid onboarding expedites revenue capture and generation​
  • Comprehensive track and trace, product recalls and returns

Datex Footprint ® WMS Stand-Out Functionality Includes:

  • Inventory segregated by owner
  • Transfer of prescription drug inventory ownership with comprehensive traceability
  • Integrated, workflow-powered third party billing engine
  • Customer portal designed to minimize reliance on customer service representatives
  • Highly flexible, workflow-driven WMS software
  • Multiple level configurable rules (at client, customer and product levels)
  • Order and shipment tracking, ideal for pharmaceutical distributors
  • Real time visibility into drug distribution operations across your enterprise, including third party sites
  • Maintains electronic files associated to the item, lot or serial number
  • Query builder tool to call specific information from the database to meet user-defined conditions and perform basic actions with the information
  • Survey functionality embedded within the WMS
  • Labor management functionality embedded within the warehouse management system
  • Alerts and notifications keep users updated on status changes
  • Integration friendly with open APIs enables easy access for accessing FDA, checking licensing requirements and more
  • Supports automation and material handling solutions typically used by operations across pharmaceutical supply chains

The Datex Warehouse Management System Helps Ensure Regulatory Compliance:

  • FDA 21 CFR Part 11, DSCSA, CGMP and more
  • Can be used for other countries
  • Nested serialization with aggregation-supports four levels of serialization
  • Barcode parser
  • Comprehensive immutable audit trail with full database transactional history
  • Maintains electronic files associated to item, lot or serial number
  • Validation ready
  • Supports the complete vocabulary of EPCIS events with time and date stamp
  • Facilitates systematic, scientific process and data flow implementation with time/date stamp of all records, transactions and tasks
  • Closed computerized system which relies on Active Directory for security
  • Capable of storing images, documents, video, certificates and more

Datex WMS Can Support Alternative Specialized Distribution Locations Including But Not Limited to:


Infusion Clinics


Outpatient Clinics


Specialty Pharmacies


Healthcare practitioners, including physician offices

The Datex Warehouse Management Software Includes Serialization and Aggregation Capabilities for Life Sciences

  • Four level serialization
  • Enables manual adjustment of shipper case aggregation
  • Enables users to manually build aggregation of items into shipper cases and shipper cases into pallets
  • Supports the serialization requirements of other nations
  • Transmits aggregation info as ASNs
  • Permits multiple, differing serial number formats within the same system

Microsoft-Based WMS with Familiar User Interface

People fear change.  The Datex warehouse management system WMS builds on a familiar user interface that looks and feels like software most people use regularly.  Purposely designed with familiarity in mind, our software users tend to become comfortable using our software quickly, improving software adoption rates.

“Datex WMS software is easy to learn.  With the high turnover rate in this industry and our reliance on seasonal workers, it is especially important to us that we can train workers quickly to use our warehouse management system."

-Third Party Logistics Operations Director, CA

Datex Footprint® WMS Provides Specialty Pharmaceutical Track and Trace Capabilities

Capable of tracking orders based on serial or batch number or expiration date

Can track lot numbers back to suppliers, through clients by lot number or batch or through outsourcers

Able to manage the traceability of compounding facilities

Provides comprehensive traceability with pedigree

Datex WMS Includes a Comprehensive, Configurable Third Party Billing Engine

  • Bill for any value-added service provided by pharmaceutical distributors
  • Can split costs between entities, such as projects, accounts, internal departments or outside entities
  • Can bill on a percentage or flat rate basis
  • Includes user friendly billing wizard for fast billing set up
  • Multi-tiered volume-based billing rate structures supported
  • Handles conditional charges and fees as well as flat fees
  • Enables billing for fuel surcharges and overtime fees
  • Facilitates billing on a per transaction or per transaction line basis
  • Automatically produces and emails invoices to clients
  • Manages details of customer agreements
  • Provides activity-based billing to capture and bill automatically for every service performed
  • Tracks all charges on a per client basis
  • Enables user-configurable billing and rates without intervention by IT or development team members
  • Can provide detailed client-specific reports and dashboards on demand
  • Facilitates revenue and cost projections on a per customer basis
  • Can generate multi-year contracts with or within annual increases
  • Supports uncommon billing strategies

WMS with Exceptional Functionality for Temperature Sensitive Goods in the Cold Storage Environment

  • Able to restrict inventory to specific temperature zones
  • Records temperature of inventory at any stage of the order, shipment or container
  • Capable to allowing inventory to be stored in primary or secondary one
  • Extensive track and trace capabilities
  • Able to attach user defined fields (UDFs) to track sensitive, fragile goods to help prevent costly loss
  • Workflow-driven processes help ensure proper handling, storage and transport of delicate, costly goods
  • Quality assurance/quality control workflow-based processes including inspections, testing, multiple simultaneous holds and quarantines help ensure product integrity
  • Two-step putaway for refrigerated products that require QA prior to putaway

Datex Warehouse Management System Excels in Third Party Distribution Features

  • Enables management of a national distribution process on behalf of smaller drug manufacturers
  • Facilitates breakdown of palletized goods into smaller quantities (cartons, individual packages, etc.) for delivery to clinics, hospitals, practitioners etc.
  • Provide business intelligence to manufacturers including inventory and returns data
  • Capable of handling small molecule to specialty pharmaceutical products
  • Handles mixing restrictions of products within storage locations
  • Can configure data categories to support client requirements for specific warehouse operations
  • Wave planning
  • Pharmaceutical sample distribution

Easy-to-User Kitting Makes Datex WMS a Favorite in the Life Sciences Distribution Industry

  • Able to facilitate pharmaceutical sampling
  • Facilitates packaging changes: SKU to SKU transformation
  • Includes the ability to manage and track components and supplies such as packaging materials
  • Build and use kits with product literature to coordinate with inventory and orders
  • Creates production orders and third party ASN orders

Datex WMS Features Workflow-Powered Returns Processing/Reverse Logistics for Life Sciences

Easy to use workflow-enabled returns process helps ensure the execution of each step of the process

Specialized workflows can be generated to facilitate inspections, lot status changes and additional issues for specialty drugs


Supports disposition inspections process using workflow

As pharmaceutical companies have continued to outsource, third party service providers have absorbed the operations but often find they lacked the technology to properly service the business and bill for their efforts.  Between risk management, quality control and the merging interests of health care and pharmaceutical companies, third party service providers need cutting edge warehouse management software to compete and win new business in the life sciences industry.

Datex Footprint® WMS can handle inventory from medical equipment, controlled substances, medical supplies, brand name and generic drugs as well as specialty drug products including biologics.


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