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A 3PL WMS that is adaptable to meet customer needs & requirements. Generate more revenue for your third party logistics operation by capturing and billing for all the value added services you provide. Use Datex FootPrint WMS to have greater control over your operations and empower better decision making and customer service without adding to your workforce.

3PL WMS Benefits

Developed specifically to handle multiple customers with varying operational processes, documentation and billing needs, Datex FootPrint 3PL WMS provides a full suite of easy to use tools to help make your third party logistics operation more profitable.  Our 3PL WMS eliminates errors by automating billing and includes a wizard to make setting up billing fast, easy and accurate.

  • Developed for third party logistics providers
  • Captures & bills for any & all value added services
  • Speeds onboarding of new customers
  • Enables easy customization of billing
  • Facilitates faster development of customized reports
  • Innovative database architecture minimizes data loss & system “lock up”
  • Faster search speed & system performance
  • Enables you to compete & win new business
  • Workflow enables tailoring to customer specifications
  • Relies on less expensive SQL vs. Oracle database
  • Highly reliable software capable of handling high volume
  • Workflow automates operations for greater accuracy
  • Enables 24/7 visibility of customer data without staff


Datex 3PL WMS incorporate 3PL requirements into the original design of the software foundation, not as an afterthought or adaptation.  This ensures that our warehouse management solutions can handle complex, high volume operations as well as multiple customers serviced by third party logistics providers.

Most highly configurable 3PL billing system on the market today

  • Developed to meet changing technology needs
  • Segregates inventory by ownership
  • Supports invoice posting to general ledger
  • Real time data visibility for customers via web portal
  • Store files within the WMS
  • Developed in tiers & blocks for quick deployment
  • .NET software less costly to support

FREE upgrades with maintenance/support agreement

3pl billing


Billing Management

Datex FootPrint WMS makes 3pl wms billing simple with an easy to use Wizard. Once a contract is created, a user can set up the account for a 3PL client in minutes simply by selecting the correct parameters and responding to basic questions about contract terms. The Billing Wizard then uses this information to create the billing schedule and executes the 3PL billing strategy automatically. 3PL WMS clients can be billed for recurring storage, initial split month storage, anniversary cycle and more. Third Party Logistics clients love the dependable, accurate billing and providers love the time and labor savings that Datex FootPrint WMS provides.

Datex FootPrint WMS supports:

  • Inbound/outbound handling charges
  • Initial storage with split month billing
  • Anniversary billing
  • Recurring storage billing
  • Accessorial billing based on real time charge capture via RF handheld

Activity based 3PL billing

Datex FootPrint WMS includes an infinite number of user defined fields to allow system customization and the ability to create a complete array of accessorial charges for which clients can be billed. This allows the third party logistics provider to bill for customer specific charges that may not apply to other clients. As warehouse operations tasks are carried out each day for customers, workers can scan and capture accessorial charges for incremental work such as kitting, assembly, packaging and other billable tasks. By capturing these billing events for each customer in real time, the 3PL WMS billing process becomes much more accurate and effective, allowing the third party logistics provider to save on labor and ensure that all potential revenue is captured. This increases potential profitability. Once the accessorial charges are captured, invoices are automatically posted to the customer’s general ledger (GL). Customers are billed based on contracts that the 3PL provider establishes. Multiple custom billing for each inventory owner can be created automatically.

Lot Track and Trace

Datex FootPrint WMS is a warehouse management software that can track and trace by Lot, vat code, SKU, UPC, serial number, batch, component, package or vial.

lot trace

Ownership Transfer

Third party logistics providers frequently encounter the need to transfer inventory between owners. Datex FootPrint WMS provides the ability to record the “outbound shipment” of the original owners’ inventory and the “inbound receipt” for the new owner without having to physically touch inventory or perform typical inbound and outbound processes.

Docs & Labels

Create Customer Specific Documents and Labels

Web Portal

Customer access 24/7

3pl billing

Track Billing and Revenue by Customer

In managing any business, it is essential to know not only the revenue generated by customers but also the cost of each customer. Datex FootPrint WMS helps third party logistics businesses determine profitability and loss by customer by using our sophisticated reporting system.

Our FootPrint WMS warehouse management software includes a robust reporting module that is simple to use. It includes a wide variety of standardized reports. Even non-technical users can create customized reports by simply dragging and dropping fields into the format of their choice. Reporting data is real time, allowing users to use the data to make decisions swiftly using accurate, timely information.

Onboard Customers Quickly and Grow Your 3PL WMS Business

Datex FootPrint WMS relies on workflow rather than static hard coding. A workflow is a set of activities governed by logic and decision making to form a business process. By using workflows as the basis of the warehouse management system to power operational processes, Datex has created a fluid, flexible system that can be changed and customized more easily at much less expense. This allows third party logistics providers to onboard new customers more quickly and efficiently.


See what Datex FootPrint WMS can do for you.

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