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Have a problem? Our 3PL WMS can solve it.

Frustrated with your current WMS?

Is Your WMS Frozen in Time?

  • Too many manual workarounds/WMS is inflexible?
  • Too costly/time consuming to make changes to WMS?
  • Too hard or too long to onboard new clients?
  • Unable to adapt to new or prospective client needs?

Are You Leaving Money on the Table?

  • Unable to bill for all value-added services?
  • Unable to maximize billing opportunities?
  • Hard to use and set up?
  • Cannot provided detailed reporting?

Is Your Labor Cost Killing Your Profitability?

  • Too many calls & emails from clients requiring response from CSRs?
  • Too many mistakes that need corrections or adjustments?
  • Lack of transparency decreasing client trust?
  • Need clients to be able to access info 24/7 on their own?

Hear from a Datex Client.

"A simple phone call or email “how do you do this” or “I got this issue how should I handle it in the software”... Datex has a gentleman, Ryan, that has been invaluable to the whole team. I'm very pleased and appreciative that that’s the type of support we get."

– Kim Seigler, Executive VP

Caspers Cold Storage

A simple phone call or email “how do you do this” or “I got this issue how should I handle it in the software”

Datex 3PL WMS incorporates 3PL requirements into the original design of the software foundation, not as an afterthought or adaptation.

Developed for quick deployment

Track & trace

Speeds onboarding

SQL database

Crossdock & transload


Segregate inventory

.NET software less costly to support

Database architecture minimizes data loss & system “lock up”


Developed to meet changing technology needs

Capable of handling high volume


Customer specific labels, documents, reports, etc.

Does your 3PL warehouse bill your customers for accessorial charges or value added services?

How much time is spent every month combing through stacks of paperwork for every customer manually accounting for every value added service performed? This practice is costing countless hours of lost productivity, nevermind the thousands of dollars in lost revenue due to human error. 
Datex Footprint® 3PL WMS automates accessorial charges, keeping manual labor to a minimum and eliminating human error. Replace the time and risk involved in manually tracking your billable activities with the peace of mind and accuracy offered by Footprint®, where a single press of a button generates a report that does it all for you.

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