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2D barcode thru 80/20 rule

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2D Barcode
The two-dimensional barcode, or 2D barcode, is based on a flat set of rows of encrypted data in the form of bars and spaces, normally in a rectangular or square pattern.
3D Barcode
QR Code
The three-dimensional barcode, or 3D barcode is based on a physically embossed or stamped set of encrypted data interpreted by variations in height rather than contrast between spaces and bars (as used in 2D barcodes). Often used in environments where labels cannot be easily attached to items. The most common 3d Barcode is the QR code.
2d Barcodes vs. 3d Barcodes – From QR Scanner
3D Loading
3D loading is a method of space optimizing designed to help quickly and easily plan the best compact arrangement of any 3D rectangular object set (boxes) within one or more larger rectangular enclosures (containers). It’s based on three-dimensional, most-dense packing algorithms.
Third Party Logistics
A warehouse or group of warehouses managed on behalf of the owner of the stock. The type of activities and how a 3PL operates will vary according to the type of organization it is. A 3PL could operate as a fulfilment services provider or as managed warehousing facility.
Lead Logistics Providers
A 4PL acts as an single connection point between a company and it 3PLs and other logistics partners. A 4PL will generally manage all aspects of a companies entire supply chain.
80/20 Rule
A more specific version of the Pareto principle. 80/20 implies that 80% of effects are the result of 20% of causes.

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