Shipping Solutions

In today's fast pace omnichannel world, consumers demand fast, free delivery.

Keeping costs down while providing accurate, speedy delivery requires the help of the latest technology. 3PLs and fulfillment operations across the globe have come to rely on shipping & manifesting systems and dimensioning systems to help meet consumer expectations.

Datex Shipping Management System

The Datex Shipping Management System, a manifesting module enables real time rate shopping and makes it faster and easier to process shipments, critical for high volume fulfillment operations.  The shipping and manifesting module uses data from Datex Footprint® WMS, reducing time and errors in shipment processing.


    • Produces shipping carrier labels, BOL & other documentation
    • Multi-carrier & multi-modal capabilities
    • Rate shopping capabilities
    • Directly  accesses data from Datex Footprint® WMS
    • View all shipment documents
    • Can be connected to scale, conveyor and dimensioning systems


    • Reduces time, labor and errors
    • Decreases delays and fees
    • Helps reduce cycle times
    • Aids in optimizing inventory & order fulfillment
    • Enhances control over transportation operations

    Parcel Dimensioners

    Expedite your handling process by implementing a parcel dimensioner.  Sleek, affordable and easy to use, dimensioners can help improve sorting and handling efficiency and reduce shipping costs.

    Why Use a Dimensioning System?
    • Eliminate error-prone manual package measurement
    • Improve sorting efficiency
    • Streamline handling process

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