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Grow Faster, Scale Effortlessly

  • Best flexibility and agility on the WMS market today​
  • Tied multiple orders to the master order for visibility ​
  • Handles manufacturing and production orders; kitting​
  • Comprehensive track and trace capabilities​
  • Seamless integration capabilities

Manage Manufacturing Operations Efficiently

Use the Datex Manufacturing Software to manage and monitor work-in-progress on the production floor.   Datex Footprint® Manufacturing System utilizes tools provided by Microsoft Windows Workflow Foundation to create software that is tremendously flexible and configurable.  The workflow based manufacturing software helps to eliminate errors, manual processes and to improve labor productivity.

Workflow Based Manufacturing & Production Processes

Relying on this workflow based software solution can help your business by ensuring that highly complex processes will be more accurate.  Because complicated processes can be automated, changed and configured without the necessity of making changes to source code, your business can save on professional fees.


Highly Reliable for Peak Performance

Datex software is “multi-threaded” so that your business will be able to handle high volume data transactions without system lock-up, slow down or interruption.  Whether your company produces its own goods or acts as a contract manufacturer, ensuring that your business can operate at peak levels at all time translates into real money, now and for the future.

Our manufacturing module includes the ability to track and balance raw materials and finished goods, specify production lines and link equipment to product type and create production orders. Equipment usage can be specified from multiple locations.

Key to food safety, the manufacturing module of our warehouse management system can automatically advance the expiration date of a product based upon the time it spends out of optimal storage conditions such as refrigeration. This feature is especially useful for food products with multiple components that have shorter shelf life, such as the eggs and milk used in items like bakery. The manufacturing module allows the system to capture temperature in multiple locations. Also useful for ensuring food safety is the ability of the system to track changes in the product Lot number without losing historical information, including all component information. With the recent regulatory changes, product traceability is critical. Datex Manufacturing software is an essential tool in meeting inventory traceability needs, facilitating product recalls and in saving on labor and time associated with inventory track and trace.

For products that are aged or which undergo changes into a new product, such as wine, or spirits, or for cheddar cheese aging to become aged cheddar cheese, the manufacturing module provides for material transformation such as SKU to SKU. This is ideal for packaging changes.

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Manufacturing and Production
  • Specification of production lines
  • Tracks and balances raw materials and inventory during production
  • Automatic advancement of the expiration date based upon the time out of optimal storage conditions, such as refrigeration
  • Material transformation (SKU to SKU, for example ), great for packaging changes
  • Change of lot number without losing historical information, including all component information
  • Create production orders
  • Capture temperatures in multiple locations
  • Specify equipment usage from various locations
  • Link equipment to product type
  • Pallet tracking
  • Third party ASN order
  • Simultaneous allocation across multiple warehouses
  • Automatic BOM creation
Datex Manufacturing System Can Help Your Business to...
  • Increase facility performance and workforce productivity
  • Maintain operational performance at peak
  • Simplify compliance efforts
  • Gain insight into your manufacturing process in order to potentially improve it
  • Reduce quality losses and damaged product
  • Improve productivity and throughput
    Reduce production errors and part lead time
Manufacturing Planning and Production Processes
  • Datex Manufacturing System automatically tracks and balances raw materials and inventory during production
  • Facilitates both planned and just in time production with tracking of work in progress (WIP)
  • Product conversions can be customized on a component bases and can have multiple package types
  • Software is able to change the Lot number and still retain the historical information, including all component information
  • Component usage is automatically calculated
  • Datex Manufacturing MES handles multiple units of measure and can record up to 8 decimal places
  • System creates production orders and can automatically create Bill of Materials (BOM)
  • Software can track component usage as well as the expiration dates and lots for each component
  • Automatic advancement of the expiration date based upon the amount of time the goods spent out of optimal storage conditions such as refrigeration
  • System will prompt users to create or add to existing purchase orders when the raw materials that are currently available are insufficient to meet production deadlines
  • System provides pallet tracking and third party
  • Advanced Shipment Notification (ASN)
  • Datex Manufacturing software accomplishes material transformations such as SKU to SKU changes, ideal for packaging change
  • Software uses rules defined by your business in order to specify the conditions under which substitutes can be used
  • Automatic notifications can be sent to users about changes in status
  • Owner transfers are handled within the system seamlessly
  • System captures temperatures in multiple locations
Raw Materials Handling for Manufacturing
  • Some manufacturers order the same raw material from multiple vendors but find that the unit of measure, package weight and other factors vary. Datex Footprint® MES uses an item master to record and correlate critical information about raw materials such as SKU, package weight, configuration, naming convention, etc.
  • The system uses rules you define to ensure that components, manufacturing ingredients and raw materials are handled and stored appropriately in order to reduce waste and damages
  • The system monitors and uses allocation requirements such as FEFO, FIFO, etc. for each component for handling
  • Exact amounts of raw goods can be tied to a pallet
  • System tracking of expiration dates and lots for each component, ingredient or raw material help ensure enhanced product safety and reduced waste
  • Rules can be established within the system for each specific location
Manufacturing Components, Ingredients and Raw Materials

Datex software segregates raw materials purchased either

  • By the manufacturer
  • By the client for their own use
  • By manufacturer for client use

and can transfer the ownership of raw materials or finished goods then bill clients accordingly.  Billing can be done for all accessorial charges such as handling, storage and additional fees.

Manufacturing and Quality Assurance
  • Workflow based, Datex software can schedule quality assurance processes such as taste testing, visual inspection and other tasks to ensure that these processes are more accurate and efficient
  • System can put any raw materials or finished goods on a “hold” status
  • Holds can be done on a multi-level basis as well as multiple simultaneous holds
  • Datex manufacturing software handles quarantines, holds and inspections automatically to ensure more accurate operations and reduce waste and damages
  • Holds of raw materials and finished goods can be done on multiple levels including by location, specific product Lot, pallet or entire item (such as vanilla ice cream)
Track and Trace/Traceability of Raw Materials and Finished Goods
  • Datex manufacturing software simplifies the tracking of components, ingredients, raw materials and finished goods
  • Software provides a comprehensive audit trail. Users can track and trace all raw materials and finished goods throughout the manufacturing and storage process, including the work shift and production line
  • The manufacturing system records the equipment that was used, rework, as well as dates, times and electronic signatures
  • Manufacturing software tracks scrap as well as the use of all components
Production and Manufacturing Orders
  • Staging areas can be identified for specific purposes such as for tempering product, holding inventory and other critical production tasks. Manufacturing feedback can be provided for these locations
  • Datex software reviews the Lots that are available as well as allocation rules and inventory at other locations before making recommendations
  • The number of labor resources can be planned in order to meet production needs
  • System can plan the number of units to be produced per hour, the number of hours in ambient conditions and other criteria. This is critical when staggering production or when having raw materials brought in just in time to meet production deadlines
Handling Inventory Status Changes
  • Datex Manufacturing software uses workflow in order to automate inventory status changes
  • The status of the Lot and location can be edited by users
  • Reason codes can be added within the system to accommodate your company’s needs. Reason codes can be displayed with a detailed history.
  • Holds can be established in the system. Using the expiration dates, the system automatically calculates the hold period
Manufacturing Forecasting
  • Datex software uses the order set provided in order to forecast the components and raw materials needed over the specified period of time to meet production deadlines
  • System takes into consideration factors such as the lead time needed for components, order time and other factors
  • Workflow based, forecasting can be done with or without orders. Datex workflow reviews the lead time, amount of stock on hand, season and other variables
  • The Datex manufacturing software forecasting feature examines historical trends as well as variables such as product seasonality, product trends, typical orders and other factors
Manufacturing ForecastingManufacturing Master Orders and Just in Time Orders
  • Datex software ties multiple orders to the master order to provide visibility and tracking of multiple orders going to different locations
  • Datex provides a master order screen that can act as a dashboard to provide the visibility of demand requirements and current availability so that users can see the requirements for each specific order
  • In the case of just in time orders, production batches can be scheduled to be produced either immediately or per plan
  • System enables you to allocate against stock
  • Users can do all manufacturing planning from within one screen, including the ability to pull directly from stock, send in a request to produce a batch and more
  • Users can create a manufacturing request and create inventory for stock rather than for a particular order
  • Datex software will specify all components needed to produce and fulfill manufacturing requests
  • Manufacturing planner has visibility of everything that the system has been asked to produce either from the forecasting tool or from an order

Additional Datex Manufacturing Software Features

  • Enables users to create customized reports in the format of choice
  • User specific notifications of status changes helps keep your workforce on track, more responsive and productive
  • System can distinguish different types of storage conditions and uses rules for proper storage locations to help reduce damages and facilitate proper handling and storage of raw materials, ingredients and components
  • Software includes return to stock capabilities with discrepancy analysis if raw materials are not used during the manufacturing process
  • Easily facilitates change of ownership within the system once products are manufactured
  • Specifies and utilizes specific packaging requirements from clients
  • Provides simplified manufacturing feedback on handheld computers
  • Provides track and trace including equipment line and work shift
  • Includes easy to view and use manufacturing scheduler with different colors for production lines
  • Automatic notification of arrival of goods against purchase order as well as claims against orders to enable inventory to be set aside and not used for production of other orders
  • Automatic notification of item availability
  • System readily facilitates substitutions

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