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Michael Armanious

Michael Armanious

President and CEO

Michael Armanious serves as the President and CEO of Datex and has been a guiding force in the strategic development of the company and its products.  Prior to transitioning into his current role, Mr. Armanious led the company as president and chief revenue officer.

For more than 25 years, Mr. Armanious has led sales and marketing efforts, supervised, and supported more than 250 software implementation projects and engaged with prospective clients around the world.   He has worked in a variety of functional areas including operations, project management, client services and implementation.

As a subject matter expert, he has authored, co-authored, and contributed to numerous articles on logistics, cutting edge technology and supply chain issues which have appeared in various professional publications.  In addition, Mr. Armanious has considerable public speaking experience including at GCCA Assembly of Committees, IARW events, and Expo Logistics Panama.  His achievements have been recognized by the Council of Logistics Management, the Warehousing Education and Research Council, the Material Handling Institute, and the Institute of Industrial Engineers.

Michael Armanious received an M.S. from Georgia Technical Institute, an MBA and M.S. from the University of South Florida and a B.A. from Rollins College.

Michael Parmett

Michael Parmett

Chief Operations Officer

Michael Parmett serves as Chief Operating Officer for Datex.  In his previous role at Datex as the Chief Customer Officer, Michael Parmett orchestrated the development of the Customer Success department.  He has also been instrumental in a company-wide reorganization effort to better serve the growing client base.

With over twenty years of experience in the supply chain execution software industry, Michael Parmett has held positions across the spectrum, from sales, account management/customer success and operations to strategic alliances.  While working for Manhattan Associates, HighJump Software (now part of Körber), IQN/Beeline, and McHugh Software (now part of Blue Yonder), Michael Parmett led strategic account management efforts.  He also co-founded and served as Chairman for TrigPoint Solutions.

Michael Parmett received a B.S. from University of California Santa Barbara.

Frank Jewell

Frank Jewell

Chief Revenue Officer

Frank Jewell is the Chief Revenue Officer at Datex, a leading provider of supply chain technology solutions. He has over four decades of experience in the warehousing and distribution industry, spanning various roles and sectors. He has worked in distribution, warehouse operations, grocery wholesale, beverage, and aftermarket parts distribution. He has held leadership positions in sales, customer success, and account management Tier 1 WMS providers at Manhattan Associates, Blue Yonder, and JDA.

Andrew Armanious

Andrew Armanious

Chief Information Officer

Andrew Armanious serves as the Chief Information Officer for Datex.  In his more than 23 years with Datex, Andrew Armanious has amassed significant experience in a variety of functional areas including IT, software development, implementation, operations, and client services.  His many years of working collaboratively with clients has provided vital insight into the design of new features, functionality, services, and products.

Mr. Armanious pioneered the training system developed by Datex for its clients, including both the Footprint online help system and Datex University. With his specialized expertise in risk management, cybersecurity management, operations and technology implementation, Mr. Armanious has been instrumental in developing and leading risk mitigation and disaster recovery efforts as well as in developing cybersecurity safeguards used by both Datex and its clients.

Andy Armanious graduated from the University of Florida with both a B.S., and MBA.

Derek Armanious

Derek Armanious

Chief Technology Officer

Derek Armanious serves as the Chief Technology Officer for Datex. For more than 20 years, Mr. Armanious has worked closely with both clients and software developers to innovate Datex Footprint® WMS software functionality and features.

Mr. Armanious has been the driving force behind wavelength, the new Datex software platform and Footprint® Cloud, the new Datex no code/low code WMS product that will be introduced to the public at MODEX in March 2024.  He is personally coordinating the early adoption program of Footprint Cloud, collaborating closely with clients as well as the continued development of wavelength and other products.  His insight and expertise have proven critical in innovating new products and services, especially for clients in the third-party logistics industry.

Derek Armanious received a B.S. from the University of Florida.

Sandeep Kesiraju

Sandeep Kesiraju

Chief Product Officer

Sandeep Kesiraju serves as the Chief Product Officer for Datex.  Mr. Kesiraju brings a wealth of experience to the role, having previously served as Principal SRE Manager (SRE Director) for Microsoft and Director of Software Engineering for Oracle.

Sandeep Kesiraju has more than 22 years of experience in software development and software engineering.  He has a proven track record of diagnosing business problems and translating them into technology-based solutions.  Mr. Kesiraju received multiple awards and honors from Microsoft, including the Microsoft CPE Award and the Circle of Excellence honor as well as two Great People Great Performance awards.

Sandeep Kesiraju received a B.E. from the University of Madras.


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