Cloud Warehouse Management System

With the Datex Footprint® Cloud WMS Solutions, you can be confident that all your data will be safely stored and immediately accessible. Our Cloud WMS includes all of the same functionality as the on premise version and the ability to access the system from anywhere from many types of devices.

Why Cloud for Your WMS?


24/7/365 Access

Lower Costs

No Maintenance

Limited Commitment

Cloud Advantages

The Datex Footprint® Cloud WMS enables businesses of any size and complexity to have browser based access to a state-of-the-art WMS with robust functionality at a more affordable price.

Our Cloud/SaaS WMS Solutions give your business the tools needed to operate efficiently, securely and reliably.

  • Lower System Introductory Costs
  • No Software Maintenance Required
  • Faster Implementation
  • Faster Upgrades
  • Fast Return on Investment

Our Cloud/SaaS WMS Solutions give your business the tools needed to operate efficiently, securely and reliably.

Datex Footprint® Cloud/SaaS warehouse management software solution is offered in three different tiers with varying levels of control, service and security.

SaaS WMS Edition

SaaS Edition

With this option, expect solid core functionality at a low initial investment. Ideal for start-up businesses or those with less complex needs, this edition includes business essential features, standard reports and much more.

Flex Cloud Shared Edition

Developed for medium to larger businesses, the Flex Cloud Shared Edition contains added WMS functionality as well as editable security and admin rights, customizable reporting, workflows, labels, documentation and more. APIs and integrations are available. As an option, companies may purchase Flex Cloud Edition user licenses.

Flex Cloud Warehouse Management Software
Enterprise Cloud WMS

Flex Cloud Enterprise WMS

Flex Cloud Enterprise provides the highest level of system redundancy and security protocol to guarantee customer data privacy, data control and system uptime.

    Here are some of the additional measures Datex has put into place for the Flex Cloud Enterprise Edition:

    • Highly secure data centers
    • State-of-the-art electronic surveillance
    • 24×7 trained security guards
    • Multi-factor access control systems
    • Minimize disruptions to operations
    • Systems located in multiple geographic regions
    • Complete customer privacy
    • Independent auditors to verify compliance

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