Logistics businesses worldwide are increasing in complexity to continue to meet and exceed their customer’s needs. One way these businesses are adapting to these changes is by diversifying their operational technology portfolio. Logistics centers and manufacturing facilities worldwide are implementing a wider variety of technologies to improve operational efficiency, reduce costs, increase data availability and optimize labor productivity. All of these things cannot be done by simply purchasing the latest and greatest technology. You must integrate these technologies so that they may perform as one effective network. These networks are developed for automated data collection purposes.

Automated data collection (ADC) networks are designed to work in unison to automate processes within the warehouse and provide a constant, accurate flow of data. These networks can be comprised of industry leading mobile devices including voice picking solution, fixed barcode scanners, and mobile and vehicle mounted computers. These devices, used in conjunction with industrial printing solutions, barcode labels, RF and RFID networks and your warehouse management software (WMS) can support your facility as it grows in both size and complexity. Ensuring your business has a strong foundation for this network is crucial – your WMS must be able to collect, share and store all data being collected all while directing activity within your facility. Select a WMS with the functionality to integrate and communicate with these devices to help ensure your ADC network performs effectively.

The adoption of automated data collection is due largely in part to the increasing popularity of omni-channel retailing and increasing compliance requirements. Customer orders are becoming more complex and must be fulfilled at a faster rate than ever, all while maintaining strict quality and regulatory standards. With the help of an established and fully integrated ADC network, logistics businesses like yours can rely on the technology to assist in simplifying and streamlining inventory management processes.

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