As your business grows and adapts to industry changes it is important that your supply chain technology can do the same. Many supply chain businesses feel trapped and weighed down by their current warehousing software solutions, knowing that there may be better options available. It is crucial to evaluate available warehouse management software (WMS) solutions available to ensure the best fit for your business that will promote growth, efficiency and profitability. To help your team select the best WMS for your business, evaluate options using this easy to follow presentation outlining the top 11 factors to consider. These top factors include: 1. Consider the flexibility of the WMS. Can the system handle any activity fluctuations your facility may experience and will it allow your business to grow without significant additional cash outlay? 2. Is the system reliable? Do not let system lag slow down your operations. Take factors such as this into strong consideration when making your decision. 3. Ask questions about how intuitive the software is. If your staff cannot easily learn and utilize the system this could cause significant disruption to every day operations. 4. Can you access data in real time? Having access to all of your data will help to increase the effectiveness of decision making while also improving relationships with your customers. 5. With any type of product traceability is a serious concern. In the case of recalls can the system react quickly and effectively to reduce danger to consumers? This will likely be a high priority for your customers. 6. Is the system designed to meet regulatory guidelines whether they be from the FDA or IARW? Having the ability to meet these needs may also be a deal breaker for customers and can provide significant competitive advantage. 7. With effective billing your business can capture more revenue while saving labor costs for your accounting department. Look at whether or not billing capture can be automated to help reduce missed billing opportunities. 8. Also take into consideration the ROI on your technology investment. The best solution will easy pay for itself. 9. Take a close look at the cost and type of software licenses you are purchasing. Some types of licenses have hidden fees and costs to upgrade in the future. While the initial cost may be low, it may be a much more significant cost later. 10. Consider whether or not these new systems are workflow enabled. A system built on a workflow enabled platform may allow your business more flexibility with lower costs than making changes to hard code. 11. Lastly, look at the underlying system technology. If the software is built on an outdated platform this could lead to issues such as support discontinuation. Your best solution will be built with industry leading technology. To learn more about evaluating a new WMS contact Datex experts today.

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