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Workflow Based WMS

Adapt Your Pharma WMS Yourself

Our powerful warehouse workflow engine gives you the ability to configure the Datex Footprint® Warehouse Management System to fit your unique business needs. Using the Workflow Designer, you can create multiple business process to help meet the different needs of your current and future customers.

With Datex Footprint® WMS Workflow you can:

  • Change Business Process Without Costly Fees
  • Adapt Quickly to Changing Business Conditions
  • Eliminate Hard Coded Programming Changes
  • React Swiftly to New Customer Needs
  • Save Time and Reduce IT Costs
  • Have True Flexibility
  • Gain A Competitive Advantage



Provides your company with the ability to make changes quickly

Your IT staff can be trained to make changes, saving additional professional fees

Creates the ability for your operation to provide a higher level of service and adapt to dynamic business conditions

All sized warehouse operations, distribution centers, manufacturers, third party logistics (3PL) providers, including those with multiple warehouse locations and virtual warehouses. Even if your company does not have an IT department, changes to workflows can be made quickly by a Datex professional, decreasing typical professional service costs over those entailed with programming changes. Within your organization, having a configurable workflow can have a positive impact on the roles filled by your team members in finance, operations, sales, management and other departments.

Features and Functionality

Easy to learn and configure, Workflow Designer will enable your IT staff to make changes to business processes Flexible, configurable series of activities based upon conditional rules you create Ideal for third party logistics (3PL) providers, it allows you to create separate workflows to meet specific customer needs

How Does Datex Footprint® WMS Compare?

Datex Footprint® WMS

  • Make changes without assistance from Datex
  • Workflow changes carry through to latest upgrades
  • Upgrades are included

Other WMS

  • Hard coded systems are inflexible and expensive to configure and customize
  • Source code modifications have to be done by the software developer
  • Upgrades are costly and time consuming

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