The number one goal of any business is to continuously increase profits year over year. To do this, you must capture a share of the market and keep those customers coming back with superior customer service. This goal is no different for vault and depository facilities. To help increase revenue, many facilities handling precious metals and high value cargo have turned to new technology implementation. One useful tool for vault and depository facilities is automated, customizable customer billing. Industry-leading billing functionality built into a WMS gives these businesses the ability to capture revenue in real-time as activity is completed and forecast future revenue opportunities to give insight into future success. One feature of the top 3PL billing software used for precious metals storage is system flexibility. Each customer may have different billing requirements and being able to adapt to these needs can be a key differentiator when trying to capture new business. Datex Footprint® WMS provides users with an easy-to-navigate Billing Strategy Wizard that directs users how to enter custom contracts with various billing parameters and values. Rather than spending hours entering custom contracts, it can be done in a matter of minutes, saving your accounting and billing department both time and resources. Many vaults and depositories also provide value added services for customers as a part of their storage agreement. These services range from weight verification and assay testing to customized packaging and transport. When VAS data is entered manually associated billing records can be missed. Automating the capture of these services using automated data collection technologies such as mobile computers and integrated scales can take the guess work out of billing for value added services. Billing records can be captured in real time and transferred directly into WMS and accounting software. Utilizing automated VAS capture helps to increase revenue opportunities and increase billing accuracy. Using the VAS data, updated in real time, revenue streams will also be increased. The data can be recorded in real time, transferred to an auto-generated invoice and sent to the customer with no human intervention required. This makes the cash cycle much more efficient and gives users much more insight into revenue activity. The Datex Footprint® WMS 3PL Billing is built on a powerful workflow foundation, allowing users to easily change and customize how their billing software supports their business. Using specified rule sets WMS processes can be customized to meet your current operations or changed to meet industry best practices. This saves your company costs on customizing software code and increases the accuracy of billing instances. To learn more about 3PL billing functionality for precious metals and high value cargo storage facilities contact Datex experts today at www.datexcorp.com, marketing@datexcorp.com or 800.933.2839 x 243.

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