Today we would like to take a moment to introduce you to Datex Footprint® WMS Cloud and SaaS solutions. Datex experts have developed a variety of web based warehouse management software solutions to fit nearly every business type and need. Because organizations have different business needs and budgets, Datex has developed three levels of web based warehouse management software. The versions range from the SaaS edition, meant for smaller, less complex or start-up businesses to the Enterprise edition designed for larger scale operations with greater needs for flexibility and security. The Datex Footprint® WMS SaaS Edition is the most economical of the three. This version is available only on a subscription basis, meaning that your business rents the solution. The network infrastructure provided is a shared, multi-tenant server environment. Your inventory data will be segregated and is only viewable by your team members, but does not exist on a dedicated server environment. Users will have access to the core functionality of the WMS, but will be restricted from making any customizations to the software. The Datex team takes an active and exclusive role in performing system upgrades and backups. This saves your IT department time and ensures consistent data availability. The second web-based level, Datex Footprint® WMS Flex Cloud Edition provides a higher level of customization and allows users access to editable security and administration rights in their web based warehouse management software. It was developed with medium to larger size businesses in mind. The WMS Flex Cloud Edition includes added functionality such as the report writer and higher security protocols. Your company’s hosted environment will still be on a shared server, but will be more isolated to ensure more advanced data security. The Flex Cloud Edition also provides options for data ownership. Your business can either rent the system on a subscription basis, by making monthly payments or can purchase licenses, making your company a true owner of the system. Purchasing licenses equates to full data ownership within the system. The Flex Cloud Enterprise Edition is the most flexible cloud solution Datex has and has the highest security available for Datex Footprint® WMS. Users can access complete system functionality and can make system customizations as needed. The network is hosted on a private server infrastructure, so that no other customer data will reside concurrently on your dedicated server. Ideal for multi-warehouse enterprise businesses that handle high value or regulated inventory, the Datex Flex Cloud Enterprise Edition includes the highest level of system redundancy, security protocols and flexible system functionality. Our software solution experts are ready to work with you to determine which solution is best for your business. To learn more about our new Datex Cloud web based warehouse management software solutions or to speak to a software solutions consultant- contact us today. Visit our website at

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