The Friday Report: April 15th, 2022

Quick wrap up of a few hot topic newsworthy stories in the supply chain logistics industry

New Ohio Intel Semiconductor Factory Will Be the World’s Largest 


When Intel announced plans to invest $20 billion on building a Columbus Ohio factory to make computer chips, it did so with the intention of growing it to become the world’s largest semiconductor manufacturing facility. 

Two semiconductor fabrication plants will be built on a 1,000-acre site which is forecast to be operational by 2025.  Leading edge advanced technologies will be leveraged in the construction of the facilities.  According to the office of the governor, the Intel Corporation project will be the largest single private-sector company investment in the history of Ohio.  It is anticipated to produce more than 20,000 jobs. 

Intel has committed to use its own funds to build the facilities but admitted it is hoping that the federal government will support an expansion of semiconductor manufacturing.  Congress is considering funding the CHIPs Act, which would provide nearly $50 billion in incentives to companies that locate computer chip production in the United States. 

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Bipartisan Infrastructure Law Fuels Hydrogen Hubs to Produce Clean Hydrogen Energy 


The Biden administration has a plan for generating clean energy.  The Bipartisan Infrastructure Plan includes funding to build a minimum of four hydrogen hubs.  The hydrogen hubs would be the locations were the hydrogen gas would be produced and used in a self-reinforcing cycle  Two of the hubs are required to be located in regions that have significant natural gas reserves.  Critical to President Biden’s plan to wean the energy industry off fossil fuels is a way that the hubs will be used, to test various way to produce and use hydrogen gas.  Where will these hubs be located? 

The hydrogen hub provision has captured the attention of states.  Some states have formed regional partnerships while others have decided to pursue funding alone. As a major producer of oil and gas, the state of Texas is viewed to have all the primary components needed for a hydrogen hub. 

Hydrogen has been determined to be one of the cleanest options to provide power to industries dependent on fossil fuels.  Burning hydrogen generates energy in the form of heat.  During this process, the only byproduct created is water. 

Across the world, transportation and logistics companies are exploring the use of hydrogen as fuel.  The hydrogen hub provision was included in the bill to jumpstart interest and use of hydrogen as fuel around the country. 

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$20 Billion Available to Support Transit through Bipartisan Infrastructure Law 


Recently the Biden administration announced that the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law will include the largest investment in public transit in American history. Full year funding became available with the Congressional passage of an FY 2022 March appropriations bill.   

The new investment in infrastructure will enable transit agencies to purchase new railcars and buses, modernize transportation fleets, remediate repair backlogs and transition to new technologies which will aid in addressing the climate crisis.  This will support the expansion of American manufacturing.  The bill includes the requirement to Buy American products including steel, iron and materials used in public transportation projects due to receive federal assistance. 

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