Web – based software provides two main hosting options – Software as a Service (SaaS) and Cloud. While these solutions have many similarities, there are some very important differences to take into consideration when making a buying decision.

With an increase in companies moving to web – based software applications it is more important than ever to educate yourself about the different options available to you and which is best for your business. Moving away from the traditional on – premise software solution may be a scary thought, but you can rest easy knowing that in most cases web – based software offer benefits you never knew were possible.

SaaS solutions, similar to Cloud are accessed via your web browser and exist on off – site infrastructure, but typically provide a lower, more entry – level functionality package. SaaS systems are a lower flexibility option with standard features where no software customization can be completed by the user. Cloud based systems offer increased functionality and customization and typically have a higher level of security. With a cloud based system the user usually has options regarding infrastructure segregation and privatization. Regardless of system level between SaaS and Cloud, the software vendor solely manages, updates, and upgrades the software which is a large benefit to companies with little or no IT staff.

SaaS solutions are ideal for start – up or low complexity businesses due to their lower initial investment cost and fast implementation time. Cloud based solutions are typically preferable for medium to large size or multi – location businesses with more complex operations.

Guarantee your business increased system uptime, a flexible and scalable solution and less stress in managing the system. Move to the web today. ”


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