As the supply chain and logistics industry becomes more and more saturated with potential suppliers, it is imperative for companies to set themselves apart. A way that supply chain and logistics suppliers are doing this is by optimizing their network and increasing wms productivity to keep costs low while exemplifying great customer service. One aspect of your business that can be improved in many ways is your IT network and how your IT staff is utilized. There are now tools available to relieve some of the burden from your IT staff so that they can focus on new business, their areas of expertise and improving your current operations. There is a need to reduce the burden on IT staff typically because IT resources are limited, are overcommitted or needed for other projects. By reallocating their time and efforts time and money can be saved and wms productivity can be greatly improved. One tool that can be utilized when improving the efficiency of your IT network and staff performance is a robust, functionally rich warehouse management system (WMS) from a vendor that can offer a wide range of products and services. There are a few factors that will greatly affect the success of this strategy change. Those factors include: software reliability, multi – threaded software structure and additional supporting services. Software reliability along with a strong support network will guarantee system uptime and will allow your IT team to spend time focusing on other projects. The multi-threaded software structure allows your WMS to process increased transactional volume, meaning no system lag occurs even on your busiest days. Additional services will also benefit your business because in many cases these services can be provided by your software vendor at a lower price than if you were to add additional staff to you team. These services can vary anywhere from cloud hosting, management of software integrations, EDI services and other managed services affecting your infrastructure. To learn more about these products or services contact me today at 800.933.2839 ext. 243 or visit the website

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