Thank you for clicking on our teaser video for our manufacturing management section of the Footprint® application. Today, we’re just going to take a quick bird’s eye view of the manufacturing management portion. This first part is under the Material Management, I just wanted to mention that any one of these items can have a kit. So as an example if I’m looking here at the kit components I can see a master gear consists of a rotator belt, a small gear one and small gear two. You can have multiple levels of kitting so this master gear, again, can be part of another kit so you can have multiple levels of kitting. In terms of the rules, when you are creating a kit there are some here as an example, standard units per hour so this is saying I can create twenty master gears with a crew of one. If my item is Lot controlled and I select this one, manufacturing order would use the worst expiration date of any of the components. So, again, if I’m using lot controlled and I have five components and one of them expires tomorrow, the master kit that I’m creating would expire tomorrow. And then here we have work in process which you can signify at the time of creating the product and if it’s a finished good and we utilize these flags for workflows. Under the manufacturing, one thing you have here is the Manufacturing Scheduler so you can schedule your manufacturing lines, you can hover over them and see, as an example, this one is colored green because it’s in a ready status with 20% completed, maybe the production was paused for whatever reason. And this one looks like it’s 100% completed, it’s maybe just waiting to be finalized or closed out. So when you’re managing and creating manufacturing orders within the application you do have the capability of, we’ll just open up an existing one, of looking at the finished good. Here we’re creating ten finished cabinets; you can look at all of the components so it requires hinges, nails, the actual wood cabinet. You can create specific production runs, you can look at inventory planning, you can auto-create child components so this follows standard work breakdown structure with lines and sub-lines and so forth. And once you have your, say, your production run set up you can go ahead, say as an example I’m going to auto-create child components, on this production run I’m only going to create three of these. I will go ahead and create it; you can see it added three sub-lines for a quantity three for that specific production run. So the application handles the mangagement of manufacturing feedback, yield reports, scheduling and all of the nuances that go on with managing the manufacturing process. If we have piqued your interest, please contact one of our sales representatives and we’d be more than happy to do a live demonstration. Thank you.

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