Warehouse Cost Control

5 Tips for Better Warehouse Profitability

As we are still in the beginning of a new year, it is time to “take stock” of conditions in the warehouse. It is time to take a critical look at your warehouse or distribution center operations and look for areas that are causing a leak in the profitability of your...

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Labor Management Strategies in the Warehouse

According to the LABOR management strategies in the warehouse study conducted by Peerless Research Group (PRG) on behalf of Logistics Management for Kane Is Able, labor costs in the warehouse account for 50 to 70 percent of the average company’s warehousing budget....

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Tips & Tools to Boost Warehouse Labor Productivity

Improving profitability is top of mind for every company owner and C-level executive.  Improving profitability is not just about cutting costs and creating efficiencies.  It is also about maximizing the use of resources.  One of the most costly resources in any...

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2017 3PL and Supply Chain Technology Update

What Do 3PL Customers Want from Their Logistics Providers? It is a complex, changing world that is often very confusing.  Throw yesterday’s projections out the window!  Now consumers are changing all the rules, causing fluctuations and disruptions in the supply...

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Inventory Management Continued: 5 Tips You Need to Know

We have continued this popular new series into week six to bring you some more easy-to-implement inventory management tips. This week we take a look at some simple steps you can integrate into your supply chain to optimize workforce efficiency and inventory...

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Selecting a Warehouse Site

Selecting a warehouse site can be a highly complex decision that will impact the success of your business both short and long term. In this guide we briefly review some of the top factors to consider when selecting the best warehouse site for your business. These...

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Inventory Management Tips: Optimizing Your Warehouse

In week two of this ongoing series we will take a deep dive into some easy to implement supply chain management solutions that will help to reduce labor costs and improve inventory data availability. In many cases warehouse operators may overlook these...

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Cold Storage Warehouse Best Practices

As products evolve and consumer demands change cold storage warehouse space is a more critical branch of the supply chain than ever. Products being stored in these refrigerated warehouses...

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What are Inventory Carrying Costs?

Supply chain businesses are constantly evaluating their operations to identify inefficiencies, process improvements and cost saving opportunities. The one area supply chain operators consistently identify as the best opportunity for improvement is the management of...

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Do You Need a New WMS?

If your business has been using the same warehouse management software for several years, you may want to evaluate whether this technology suits your current operation and future plans. Technology advances at a rapid rate-you wouldn’t want your business to get left...

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The How and Why of Crossdocking

Crossdocking is increasing in popularity among warehouses, distribution centers and third party logistics providers because it is an excellent way to combat increasing transportation...

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Cross Docking 101: Top 10 Benefits of Cross Docking

Cross-docking is a great tool to have in your logistics tool belt. This service can be a key differentiator between you and your competition. In this short video we will review the top 10 benefits you and your customers may receive from offering cross-docking as a...

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Reduce Costs with EDI

EDI provides many benefits to businesses that choose to implement this technology. One of the foremost reasons businesses choose EDI is for the significant cost savings. Costs throughout the...

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What is Cartonization for Warehouse Management?

What is cartonization? Cartonization is the process of evaluating the items included in an order to determine the number and size of each shipping carton needed. The weight, height, length and width of each item is used along with basic mathematics to determine the...

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Solve Top 3PL Challenges with Datex WMS Software

Are you a third party logistics provider? If you are, your business tends to be very complicated. You probably feel like you are going off in a million different directions trying to make all of your customers happy each and every day. In your business, no two...

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