Is Your Warehouse Using Enough Technology to Meet Your Company Objectives?

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Is Your Business Suffering from “Technical Fragmentation”?

Warehouse, distribution, fulfillment and 3PL operations are often highly complex.  The warehouse is the central point through which raw materials and finished goods pass from supplier to manufacturer to end-customer.  A tremendous volume of data passes through the warehouse, yielding vital information about operational efficiency, productivity and accuracy.

Communication is key.  Industrial environments can have specific challenges dealing with the dynamics of wireless network communications.

Are you getting an incomplete picture of your company’s warehouse or supply chain operation?  Your warehouse may be experiencing “technical fragmentation”, the use of the correct technology in only a few operations.

The Result Could Be:

  • Inaccurate or incomplete information
  • Higher costs
  • Reduced customer satisfaction rates
  • Lack of visibility
  • Increased cash-to-cash cycles
  • Reduced productivity

How Can You Combat Technical Fragmentation?

Make sure that wireless and mobile technologies are used throughout your operation.  This will facilitate the seamless flow of real time data across your enterprise and provide you with vital information and insight about your business.


Some other benefits of wireless and mobile technologies include:
  • Dramatic reduction in paper processes and operational process errors
  • Higher levels of accuracy in packing, shipping and item selection
Use the correct mobile devices:
  • Mobile devices including vehicle-mounted, wearable, hands-fee and handheld devices to scan, tag, and track goods in the warehouse
  • Fixed and mobile printers support the tracking of inventory and assets
  • Multi-model technology will enable warehouse workers to perform multiple tasks on one mobile device

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