Datex Focused Industry Solutions

WMS Solutions by Industry


United by a common need to save money, time and labor while increasing efficiency and productivity, companies across the industry spectrum need better tools to increase profitability.   Each industry has its own challenges, from government regulations to changing demands, service levels and security.

Datex listens to our clients and their customers.  Using our expertise, industry best practices and users’ knowledge and experience, Datex develops supply chain software to meet the needs of companies in numerous industries.  With solutions tailored to meet specific industry needs, Datex software solutions have become recognized for our innovative approach to developing software with less dependence on programmers for changes and customizations.


Rich in functionality designed to solve common industry challenges Datex FootPrint WMS has specific features and functionality for industries including third party logistics (3PL), warehousing and distribution, pharmaceuticals/life sciences, food, courier, cheese and dairy, precious metals storage and high value cargo.  From track and trace to validation and activity based billing, Datex FootPrint WMS provides the tools to power day to day operations.

Datex supply chain solutions are built on the Microsoft .NET platform and can be readily integrated with other software and systems.  Datex supply chain solutions have a common familiar user interface for consistency and ease of use and rely on business processing modeling and workflow to power business processes.  By relying on business process modeling and workflow, Datex software solutions can be changed readily without costly programming changes, providing businesses with a distinct business advantage.  Using Microsoft SQL Reporting Services (SSRS), Datex has built a reporting system that allows users to simply drag and drop fields into the format of choice.  This ability to create customized reports on the fly is a favorite feature of Datex clients.  Datex also now offers a robust Executive Dashboard as an option to our supply chain software solutions.

Datex FootPrint WMS includes the ability to track and trace by Lot, SKU, UPC, serial number, vat code, component, ingredient, batch, package or vial and supports multiple packaging levels and units of measure.  With features as diverse as apparel matrix, change control, audit trail, multiple simultaneous holds, document storage and hierarchal location setup, the Datex warehouse management system can accommodate the needs of a range of industries while providing real time information.

Third Party Logistics (3PL)

Our WMS handles recurring and anniversary billing, captures and bills for accessorial charges.

Datex Warehouse Management Software (WMS) for Warehousing and Distribution Warehousing & Distribution

The Datex WMS handles dock door scheduling, kitting & assembly; single, batch, cluster & wave picking and provides excellent track and trace.

Warehouse Management Software (WMS) for the Cold Storage Industry Cold Storage

Datex FootPrint WMS handles temperature capture, track & trace, multiple simultaneous holds and provides online visibility.

Datex Warehouse Management Software (WMS) for Food Processors Food Manufacturing & Processing

Datex FootPrint WMS provides catch weight, order entry by weight, multiple holds & releases and full track & trace.

Datex Warehouse Management Software (WMS) for Pharmaceutical Industry Pharma / Life Science

Use new tools provided by Datex FootPrint WMS for added security, audit trail, electronic signature and more to meet FDA 21 CFR Part 11 requirements.

Datex Warehouse Management Software (WMS) for Manufacturing IndustryManufacturing

The Datex WMS handles production order entry, multiple level Bill of Materials, product substitution or change, single, cluster and batch picking and much more.

Datex Software for the Courier IndustryCourier / Transportation & Logistics

Datex courier industry specialists provide value added services to keep your business running 24/7/365.

Datex Warehouse Management Software (WMS) for Meat Processing Industry WMS for Secure Storage

Datex FootPrint WMS handles specialized inventory in a variety of container types, has enhanced tracking capabilities and can capture and record variable weights.