In an omni channel retail environment there are many moving parts working in unison. Each retail channel is a separate entity, but works in parallel and is integrated with all of the others. This gives consumers a more streamlined shopping and buying experience, typically increasing brand loyalty.

Because there are so many moving parts to consider it is important to ensure that uniformity exists across all channels and with every representative that handles the inventory. Having strict vendor compliance standards will ensure that this uniformity exists. Instances where lack of uniformity becomes an issue includes: UPC and PID codes for color runs, selling pack sizes, product UPC/ PID for size ranges, consignment strategies and GS1/ product grouping standard. When a strong and consistent strategy is determined early on in the building of an omni channel network, the relationship between vendor and retailer will be a more beneficial one.

A consistent sales representative is one way to solve issues regarding UPC/ PIC inconsistencies. If a single rep is used a more focused and direct retailing strategy will be seen. Communication between departments and constant updating of information will also benefit all retail channels. This typically is in relation to product groupings using GS1 barcoding. Determining a consignment strategy early on and keeping this consistent across all channels is also an important aspect in effectively managing the omni channel experience because it is typical to utilize only one consignment strategy at any given time. Consistent item coding across colors, size runs and selling packs will give vendors the ability to fulfill orders from both .COM and brick and mortar stores with higher accuracy which will keep customers happy and coming back.


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