The Friday Report Blog: November 3rd, 2023

Quick wrap up of a few hot topic newsworthy stories in the supply chain logistics industry

Bill Gates-Backed KoBold Metals Targets Congo’s Resources

KoBold Metals, an innovative mining startup supported by Bill Gates, is looking to make a positive impact on the green energy transition by expanding its search for essential metals into the Democratic Republic of Congo.

With an optimistic outlook on the region’s rich resources, CEO Kurt House sees Congo as a prime location for materials crucial for clean energy and batteries. The venture aligns with U.S. initiatives to boost American investment in the electric-vehicle supply chain.

KoBold’s potential expansion, backed by influential names like Gates and involving key players like BHP Ltd., signifies a promising step towards meeting the growing demand for copper and cobalt—vital for a sustainable future

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Assessing Supply Chain Stability Amidst the Gaza Conflict

In a groundbreaking collaborative move, the US, Japan, and South Korea are paving the way for a supply chain early warning system. These nations have come together to foster innovation, collaboration, and to stay informed about potential disruptions in crucial production and logistics networks.

This initiative primarily focuses on critical minerals essential for electric vehicles, batteries, and other vital sectors. With this warning system in place, the three countries aim to share data, pool resources, and jointly manage supply chain challenges.

By commencing with minerals like gallium and germanium, pivotal in the tech and energy industries, they hope to set a precedent for future collaboration. This alliance, emphasizing mutual trust, can serve as a model for global cooperation, and possibly expand to include other nations in the future.

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How FedEx is Redefining Precision with AI in Package Arrival Times

FedEx is on the fast track to revolutionizing delivery precision with its innovative use of AI. The company’s CEO, Raj Subramaniam, shared at the CNBC Evolve Global Summit that their

advanced “deep learning models” have significantly enhanced the accuracy of delivery time estimates, taking into account weather and traffic conditions.

Not just stopping there, FedEx is also delving into AI technologies that empower chatbots to further streamline the delivery process for customers. With machine learning, FedEx is not only improving the delivery time predictions but also providing shippers with forward-looking carbon emissions data.

Subramaniam proudly regards FedEx as a “data-driven, digital-first company” that’s making strides with the vast amount of data from the 16 million packages they handle daily. Their commitment to technological advancement is clear as they continue to fine-tune their logistics intelligence for even better customer service.

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