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Technology leader Datex announced the completion of a new online hardware store.  The store sells new mobile computers, barcode scanners and accessories.  “We deal with companies all across North America and are working hard to expand our reach to all those who need technology to power their businesses.  Our new online store will help to make it easier for them to obtain parts and equipment.  As with all our customers, our online customers will benefit from our excellent service and attention to detail” said Derek Armanious, Director of Service.

In addition to excellent pricing, Datex provides courtesy support and sales assistance through the entire sales process.  For those customers with little knowledge or experience in hardware technology, this is a critical benefit.  Customers can take advantage of Datex’s knowledgeable sales staff to answer questions and assist in determining the best technology to meet business needs. With a 32 year legacy of satisfying clients, Datex takes great pride in providing the highest standard of support and service to its customers.

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