“Running with Datex is actually a relief for me because there isn’t really a lot to do. With my responsibilities here I am also starting to take more responsibilities at another site with a different system. They are exposing me to the stuff I have to do to that system and quite frankly, I am glad we are running Datex here. I really am. The upgrade is fairly easy for me. Datex comes in and we set up the test environment and do a test migration and make sure everything is working. As far as the actual live operation goes I am pretty much there on site just to make sure things go right and people can get in and do what they need to do. And then I usually have to update the desktops, install the new desktop clients. On the handhelds I create a new image for the different hand scanners. We have two different types; I create one image for each one and then bring them down to the device. Our reports are usually generated by a customer need. So a customer will store a product with us, or whatever, and when they want to see certain aspects of their product based on what they have stored here. Whether it’s a simple inventory.

“So what I do is determine the scope of what they want to see and then I go into the Datex database; there is a number of pre-setup views that I look at and there’s also tables I can go into and then I find the information, create a sequel statement that gets me the data I need, then I use the report tool and put the sequel code in there and set up the report format and there we go. Then once it’s in the sequel server reporting services I can set up a schedule for reports to go out automatically. Then I never have to see them again. They’re easy to use from a network administrator standpoint. It runs on standard hardware, standard operating systems, it’s a stable product. So as I mentioned earlier, my day is usually pretty boring because I really don’t have that much to do with it. So all I have to do is make sure the hardware is running fine and the software is running fine. It’s very rare that I get a call that involves Datex.”

Mike Burke
IT Manager
Midwest Refrigerated Services
Madison, WI USA

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