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RFID Case Study Landing Page

Results: Using RFID portals and Datex Middleware eliminated $208,000 in costs associated with locating lost inventory $25,000 in annual chargebacks $233,000  annual savings start saving now Contact Datex Today to See How Datex Can Help Boost the Profitability of Your...

Working hard every day but still cannot get ahead?

Working hard every day but still cannot get ahead? It could be your technology.  Trading in legacy handheld computers and your outdated warehouse management software can have a dramatic impact on your company’s profitability. contact datex today contact datex experts...

New Datex 3PL WMS Guide: A Guide to 3PL Billing

A guide to third party billing Interested in learning more about Datex Third Party Service Billing?  Schedule a 15 Minute Demo of Datex 3PL Billing  Talk to a Datex Technology Expert  Sign Up for a Deep Dive Demo into Datex 3PL...

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