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Businesses rely on technology

… than ever before but often do not have the technical internal resources to support these tools.  Datex can help.  Whether your organization is in need of managed network services, managed security services, web hosting services, mobile device management or other IT services, our experienced information technology team is ready to support your business.  With our expertise in business IT solutions, you can be assured that the technology that helps run your business will run smoothly and trouble free.

We are an IT solutions company-top to bottom and stand ready to help your organization reduce business and technology risks.  Whether you have a IT department that would benefit from some extra assistance or no in house resources, we can offer supplemental assistance or a full range of solutions including server management, SQL optimization, mobile device management (MDM) If you have additional needs for IT solutions and services, we are ready to help.

In business for 34 years

Service is the hallmark of our success.  We know that every organization is different.  We provide an array of IT business solutions customized for your business needs, rather than a “one size fits all” approach to technology solutions.

Never underestimate the peace of mind that this approach can bring to your operation.  In today’s climate of uncertainty, Datex can help by reducing operational distractions so that your team can focus on your core business.  Utilizing Datex for your IT services allows you to make IT costs predictable and controllable, provide higher levels of service and increase overall productivity through reduced downtime.  Now isn’t that exactly what your business needs?  Allowing Datex to support your IT outsourcing needs will ensure that your company will always receive the quality care, understanding and technical expertise needed to keep your operation in top, efficient form.


Datex is now providing a range of services to our Datex FootPrint WMS customer.

Our server management service can be selected at either a basic or advanced level.  Selecting the basic server management package provides you with the following services:  monitoring, patch management, disk drive space usage, FootPrint application installation and upgrades, basic reporting, helpdesk ticketing, server firewall security, and a monthly health check.  This plan will cover Windows servers 2003 onward.  The advanced package of server management services includes all the basic monitoring  services as well as disk defragmentation, DNS administration, IIS Management, just to name a few.


    • Monitoring
    • Service Packs and Hotfixes
    • Disk drive space usage
    • Footprint Application Installation and Upgrades
    • Basic Reporting
    • Helpdesk Ticketing
    • Server Firewall & Security
    • Support for Windows Server 2003 and above
    • Monthly Health Check – Security Review, Performance Review, Recovery Readiness, Capacity Planning

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      • Antivirus
      • AntiMalware
      • Complete Backups with Cloud Storage
      • Advanced Reporting

Datex Server Management

* Per Named Server, Including Virtualized

SQL Optimization

Datex recently unveiled a SQL optimization service, a separate package from server management services.

This option is limited to Microsoft SQL servers and includes log files shrinking, backup plans, performance tuning, SQL security, and patch management.  As with server management, there are two options, basic and advanced monitoring packages.  The basic monitoring option includes security review, performance review, recovery readiness, capacity planning and critical SQL services and event logs for errors or issues. The advanced option includes all the basic monitoring services as well as defragmentation, session locking, index tuning, SQL job monitoring and troubleshooting.

SQL Optimization

    • Log Files Maintenance
    • Backup Plans (On Premise or Cloud)
    • Customized Index and Performance Tuning*
    • Microsoft SQL Server Installation and Configuration
    • SQL Security and Permissions
    • Manage Service Packs and Hotfixes

Datex SQL Optimization

Basic Monitoring

    • Security Review
    • Performance Review
    • Recovery Readiness
    • Capacity Planning

Advanced Monitoring

      • Fragmentation
      • Session Locking, Deadlocks and Blocking
      • SQL Job Monitoring
      • Troubleshooting

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Does your company have an IT disaster recovery plan?

If not, it should.  Without having an IT disaster recovery plan, your IT infrastructure could be in danger from unplanned or unforeseen incidents.  As an added service to our Datex FootPrint WMS customers, we have developed a private cloud for a disaster recovery environment.  Using this service, your operation can be up and running again within one hour.  This system provides Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) standby access and is available on a per user basis.  The Disaster Recovery Cloud Environment is available for desktop, mobile and web portal environments.  This plan includes data re-migration service and includes all Windows and SQL licensing via a secured, private server that includes antivirus and anti-malware protection.

Disaster Recovery Cloud Environment

    • Online in 1 Hour or Less
    • Custom Backup Server
    • Desktop, Mobile and ePortal on standby
    • Data re-migration Service Included

Avoid costly server rebuilds and productivity loss.  Have your data and environment backed up now.

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Datex Recovery Cloud Environment