[Clearwater, Florida] March 13, 2024 – Datex’s latest release of its Footprint WMS is drawing significant attention this week at the MODEX in Atlanta, GA, affirming the software provider as a top choice for warehouse management software among specialized sectors such as third-party logistics (3PL), cold storage and pharmaceuticals. Built on a true, low-code application platform (LCAP), Footprint creates focused, tailored user experiences to deliver a solution that brings maximum productivity and scales easier and faster.  

“As it’s our first time exhibiting at MODEX, we’re thrilled to see such a positive reaction to our latest Footprint WMS,” stated Datex Corporation CEO, Michael Armanious. He adds, “This system is a culmination of learnings taken from over 40 years of first-hand experience supporting warehouses in complex environments.”  

Footprint WMS has long been recognized for the ease with which it handles complex billing requirements, its compliance automation, and its ability to capture all revenue activities to support accurate invoicing. Existing customers transitioning from the legacy version of Footprint see the advancements in the latest platform as integral to their success.  

Hill Hamrick, Co-CEO of Central Storage & Warehouse, a 3PL and early adopter of the latest version of Footprint WMS commented, “This technology lets us catch up to the ideas we’ve had for our business. Our superusers picked up the new software quickly, aligning perfectly with our people-first company value. It’s not just a tool; it’s an enabler of our team’s daily success.” 

Footprint WMS is being touted for its specialization with industries that have unique requirements in terms of inventory control, temperature control, billing, and regulatory compliance. Footprint’s technology structure allows better data management, real-time visibility, and the ability to meet rapidly changing needs with quick feature updates that don’t require massive system updates. Further, the company’s emphasis on usability during development translates to faster onboarding and intuitive operation by system admins and a simplified mobile interface for warehouse associates.  

“Our system meets the vision that forward-thinking operators have for their warehouse operations,” said Frank Jewell, CRO at Datex. Mr. Jewell goes on to explain, “The biggest advantage companies are seeing is the ability for Footprint WMS to stop their revenue leakage. Capturing more revenue means more growth. To the people seeing it, the ROI is obvious.”  

For more information about Datex Footprint WMS, visit www.datexcorp.com or stop by booth #C7694 at MODEX. 

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Datex, a supply chain technology firm with 45 years of expertise in delivering software solutions, offers their Microsoft-based proprietary warehouse management software, hardware, and a range of services including integrations, EDI, implementation, project management and managed services. Recent innovations include a unified SaaS platform tailored for logistics providers known as Wavelength and a new generation of their Footprint WMS, a premier SaaS application hosted on Microsoft Azure, fully integrated, composed, published, and managed within the Wavelength platform. Datex serves over 200 global clients through a team of over 140 resources spanning North America, Spain, Chile, India, Bulgaria, Egypt, and the Philippines.   



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