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Looking for transportation software that is powerful enough to run your operation but easy to use and understand? You have come to the right place. In developing software for transportation, Freight can be located from anywhere and routes previously charged rates and other information can be found easily. This transportation management software (TMS) includes an array of customizable filters and features, making it fit like a glove to your business. From dispatch, trucking management and integrated accounting to freight brokerage, this system includes a comprehensive array of tools ideal for any transportation operation.

Rich functionality and customizable features of our transportation management software allow users to assign routes to drivers and export them to handheld devices. Entire fleets, units, drivers, trucks and trailers can be tracked simultaneously. Future dispatching activity can be planned in advance, including reservations, assignments and time off and drivers can be assigned pay items such as Detention Time and Extra Stops. This transportation management system (TMS) includes a dispatch management system to handle truckload dispatch, freight brokerage, intermodal dispatch and LTL dispatch effortlessly.

Users can track and document accidents and claims, record scheduled services and maintain service records for equipment and maintain records in order to stay in compliance with governmental regulations. In addition, the transportation management system also records driver compliance documentation and stores and facilitates printing of a variety of forms and employment documents. Fuel purchases can be recorded and detailed reports provided.

With an accounting system fully integrated into the transportation management software, the Datex TMS manages vendors, collection activities, handles detailed customer records, edits and re-rates loads and can provide customizable invoices. In addition, the transportation management system allows users to reconcile bank accounts, write checks, make deposits, manage personnel, process payroll including calculation of payroll and employer taxes and issue advances on-the-fly.

Web services are embedded throughout the accounting and transportation software and users have the ability to broadcast email account statements and invoices to customers, share information on posted and available freight loads, track and document shipper freight and more.

The rich functionality and customizable features of this transportation management software will help your business become more profitable.


  • Assign routes to drivers
  • Export routes to handheld devices
  • Interface with PC Miler or Pro Miles to calculate total trip miles
  • Use customizable filters for ease of operation
  • Track entire fleet, units, drivers, trucks and trailers all at once
  • Find freight from anywhere
  • Search routes and find previously charged rates
  • Plan future dispatching activity, including assignments, reservations and time off
  • Send and receive detailed text messages to drivers
  • Produce a wide variety of customizable reports
  • Build storage and per diem charge tables
  • Assign drivers additional pay items such as Detention Time or Extra Stops

Trucking Management

  • Fully integrated fuel and maintenance expense system
  • Maintain records to stay in compliance with government regulations
  • Track and document accidents
  • Track and document claims
  • Record driver compliance documentation
  • Print a variety of forms and employment documents
  • Record scheduled services for equipment
  • Maintain records of service history for equipment
  • Post services to work orders and maintain inventory records
  • Track inventory
  • Maintain and report on equipment maintenance records
  • Import fuel card data
  • Prepare IFTA return
  • Report on fuel purchases
  • Produce detailed fuel reports

Web Service & Mobile Solutions

  • Web services embedded throughout transportation and accounting software
  • Automatic server, database and workstation updates
  • Track and document shipper freight
  • Broadcast e-mail account statements and invoices to customers
  • Share information on posted and available freight loads
  • Fax documents without phone line charges, modems or long distance charges


  • Fully integrated accounting system
  • Set up detailed customer records
  • Create both generic and highly polished invoices for non-dispatch related billing
  • Edit and re-rate loads and ensure necessary documentation
  • Coordinate all collection activities
  • Manage vendors
  • Input and pay bills
  • Make journal and recurring entries
  • Write checks
  • Make deposits
  • Reconcile bank accounts
  • Manage personnel
  • Process payroll
  • Calculate payroll and employer taxes
  • Print 1099 and W2 forms
  • Run multiple advance accounts
  • Issue advances on-the-fly

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