As business competition increases, many organizations have chosen to expand their product and service portfolios. This can, in many cases, create additional expense and labor for your staff to manage. By selecting the proper technology, some of this cost can be reduced or eliminated. TSC Printers takes pride in their production of cross functional printing solutions. One of the latest printers from TSC, the TTP-225 is a premium performance thermal transfer printer designed for use in multiple industries and with multiple product types. TSC designed this printer for use in the retail, service, healthcare, small & home office and entertainment industries, among others.

The TSC-225 is a premium printing solution because of all of the fantastic built-in features including:

  • Compact size- saves precious desk and/or counter space
  • Durable construction – can reduce costs associated with damage to the printer and lost productivity due to inoperability
  • Simplified media loading- may reduce time servicing the printer for reloading purposes, helping to make your team more productive and efficient in day-to-day operations
  • High resolution print quality- can be used in multiple cross-functional areas and for a range of inventory sizes, eliminating the need for multiple printing devices

Some of the main uses for the TSC TTP-225 are POS labeling, product/inventory marking, inventory & asset management, shelf labeling, pharmacy prescription labeling, healthcare specimen labeling, patient tracking, office mailing and file folder labeling. These uses represent only a small percentage of uses for the TTP-225. To learn more about the TSC TTP-225 or other thermal transfer printing options contact Datex today at 800.933.2839 or


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